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Synonyms for vatic

of or relating to the foretelling of events by or as if by supernatural means

Synonyms for vatic

resembling or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy

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Melnyk, "Hemans's Later Poetry: Religion and the Vatic Poet," in Felicia Hemans: Reimagining Poetry, 90.
The study, "Supply Chain and Outage Analysis of MISO Coal Retrofits for MATS," was prepared by Brattle economists Metin Celebi, Kathleen Spees, and Quincy Liao, with assistance from Steve Eisenhart at the VATIC Associates.
Among his clues are Eclogue two: new Roman myth frames restless song in love; Eclogue four: full vatic song, Eclogue six: freed singer-slave put down; and Eclogue nine: Roman mythic frame and vatic song dispelled.
On this traditional account, the Pentateuch was not to be read primarily as an account of Israelite history, but rather as an allegorized prophecy of Jesus's birth, death, and resurrection; its laws were not to be studied as the regulations of an actual human community, but rather as vatic intimations of the Christian sacraments.
the poet's melic and vatic abilities (resources unfortunately not
The references to Crassus and the donning of the vatic persona in Propertius can be explained by the poet's wish to speak about his own poetry and the political events related in it.
He is surely not a puer senex capable of an instinctive judgment of the situation, and when he plays the gadfly he is far from a vatic commentator.
The committed modernist craftsman brooding over his region's tragic past and decadent present grew increasingly vatic and nationalistic in the last two decades of his life, and Brinkmeyer's handling of Faulkner's Hollywood labors in this regard is especially welcome.
I consulted a clairvoyant in Los Angeles, and I asked this cucumber-shaped vatic if angels really had no lives of their own.
Catalogo delle Edizioni Romans di Antonio Blado Asolano ed eredi (1516-1593) possedute dalle Biblioteche Alessandrina, Angelica, Casanatense, Corsiniana e Vallicelliana di Roma, dalla Biblioteca Vatic ana, dall' Archivio di Stato di Roma e dall'Archivio Segreto Vaticano.
The "painful hues" and "tones" that betray the wound that "hurt" her into a life of poetry, namely her husband's suicide in 1959, are equally manifest in her vatic transcriptions.
Jeffers's vatic vision is our present, down to the angry spirit whispering mutiny: his uncanny premonitions elevate his poetry to the realm of prophecy.
That leader was Elisha, a prophet who enjoyed such repute that even rulers of Aram had confidence in his vatic powers and his political acumen (II Kgs.
Barvis spouts vatic pronouncements that are a blend of advertising lingo, Biblical epithets and parodied Eliotic apocalypticism: "'I am, you hear me Sam?
Far from being vatic, senile or mad (descriptions Elizabeth has fearfully applied to herself), Elizabeth's state of unknowing approaches the description of thinking conveyed by Socrates and quoted approvingly by Arendt in "The Life of the Mind": "It isn't that, knowing the answers myself, I perplex other people.