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Synonyms for vastly

Synonyms for vastly

to an exceedingly great extent or degree


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But my mother dissuaded me from declining it on that account: I should do vastly well, she said, if I would only throw aside my diffidence, and acquire a little more confidence in myself.
The table she set for Barry was good, but the table for herself was vastly better.
I never used my razor during my stay in the island, but although a very subordinate affair, it had been vastly admired by the Typees; and Narmonee, a great hero among them, who was exceedingly precise in the arrangements of his toilet and the general adjustment of is person, being the most accurately tattooed and laboriously horrified individual in all the valley, thought it would be a great advantage to have it applied to the already shaven crown of his head.
In fact, he had a comfortable feeling that he was vastly superior to these wordy maniacs of the working class.
And there was vastly more romance in being an oyster pirate or a convict than in being a machine slave.
There I stood some while, a little dizzy with the unsteadiness of all around me, perhaps a little afraid, and yet vastly pleased with these strange sights; the captain meanwhile pointing out the strangest, and telling me their names and uses.
Wilson was pleased to find that he had been the cause of her rapid walk, and with her he was even more vastly pleased than before.
His old pupil always stimulated him at first, and then vastly wearied him.
New and new will vastly the environment our Raymond Director of rail and infrastructure at Nexus, Raymond Johnstone, explained: "Improving our Metro stations is an integral part of our PS350m modernisation programme.
Vastly more risk than North Korea,' he wrote on Twitter, which has been shared over 12,000 times.
TV WEATHERMAN Fred Talbot told a former teaching colleague that "30 seconds vastly altered my life" over an allegation he indecently propositioned a schoolboy, a court heard yesterday.
A statement from Boxcar read: "Muhammad Ali has vastly improved since being admitted to the hospital over the weekend with a mild case of pneumonia.
Oracle says while encryption is vastly acknowledged as the gold standard to protect data privacy, encryption is just as robust as its key management, and crucial credential files like Oracle wallet files, Java KeyStores, Secure Shell (SSH) key files, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate files are often vastly distributed across servers and server clusters using error-prone synchronization and backup mechanisms.
S Drowne 39 ST 2 3 VASTLY (19) 3 Miss J Feilden 4 10-0.
The Spaghetti Toll Road in particular is overpriced, vastly under used and losing money every year.