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Neuropepti Y restores non-receptor-mediated vasoconstrictive action in superior mesenteric arteries in portal hypertension.
Causes include traumatic perforation, inflammatory or collagen vascular diseases, infections, overuse of vasoconstrictive medications, and malignancy.
Theories regarding propranolol's mechanism of action include an initial capillary vasoconstrictive effect, suppression/blockade of growth factors with induction of apoptosis of endothelial cells and blockade of GLUT1 receptors.
Dahl et al where they stated that vasoconstrictive property of ropivacaine influences the duration of action in the epidural space, but we found that the duration of analgesia in bupivacaine-fentanyl group was longer than ropivacaine-fentanyl group.
26) The vasoconstrictive effect ofphenobarbital declines cerebral edema (27) and reperfusion injury after the acute phase of asphyxia.
The proinflammatory, vasoconstrictive classical RAS component is normally kept in check by a vasoprotective axis that is both anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory.
Clinical usage of glucocorticoids is due to its four basic properties like vasoconstrictive, antiproliferative, immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory effects9.
The instable precursor TXA2; one of the most potent platelet aggregating agent and vasoconstrictive substances known [32, 33], is hydrolytically cleaved to stable variant TXB2 in platelets.
suggests an acute stimulating effect of cacao on the human brain and vasoconstrictive effects on peripheral vasculature (an increase in blood pressure in the outer parts of the body, in layman's terms), the latter of which appear to be offset by the L-theanine additive found in green tea.
As a measure of endothelium dysfunction we used the cells' ability to hypersecrete mediators of vascular inflammation, including adhesion molecules (ICAM-1, VCAM-1, and E- and P-selectin), vasoconstrictive protein (ET-1), serine protease (uPA), serine protease inhibitor (PAI-1), and the coagulation inhibitor (TFPI).
11 Nicotine exposure is considered to be related with abnormal blood flow by maternal vasoconstrictive property which is responsible for foetal growth retardation caused by smoking during pregnancy.
Breastfeeding mothers are in a perfect storm," of physical developments that predispose them to this vasoconstrictive phenomenon, said Dr.
04 Hz); mc2--reflects the activity of the macromyelon sympathetic centers, which determines cardiac stimulant and vasoconstrictive effects; VLF (very low frequency wave power in the range from 0.
The use of NSAIDs (15) presents some limitations in liver failure because the inhibition of the prostaglandin synthesis has the potential to exacerbate the vasoconstriction of the renal arteries resulting from the presence of vasoconstrictive substances (15) (i.
Apart from lipid-related factors, the role of disturbances in the level of vasodilatory nitric oxide (NO) and vasoconstrictive endothelin-1 (ET-1) agents affecting the retino-choroidal microcirculation is emphasized in the literature.