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the organic process whereby body tissue becomes vascular and develops capillaries

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Three-dimensional ultrasonographic histogram analysis of the mass was performed with 4D View software (GE Healthcare, Zipf, Austria), and the mean gray index, vascularization index, flow index, and vascularization flow index were calculated as 28.
Renal angiography was able to reveal the aberrant pattern of vascularization (Fig.
Vascularization is critically important to provide oxygen and nutrients to the cells, allowing them to sense blood glucose levels and distribute the insulin and other factors throughout the body.
KAN will mainly target neurology areas such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, oncology areas such as malignant tumor, metastasis and vascularization, and immunology and inflammation areas including rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.
Anageline is an anti-hair loss active ingredient that achieves hormonal balance, improves the vascularization of the hair follicle and stimulates cell metabolism, company executives said.
All fibroids larger than 3 cm were noted for size, location, and vascularization.
This patent protects the company's intellectual property interests with regard to certain molecules that inhibit cancer progression characterized by abnormal vascularization.
Removal of these materials promotes vascularization and wound granulation, which are essential to the healing process.
Luteal tissue undergoes rapid growth and vascularization throughout the early and mid stages of the estrous cycle.
It stands to reason, therefore, that hypertension can also affect the vascularization to the genital area resulting in damage to its blood vessels and decreased blood flow.
It has been reported by many researchers domestically (Japan) and overseas that transplantation of ADRCs stimulates vascularization of an ischemic area," said Dr.
This proposal seeks to reveal the developmental mechanisms that link neuronal connectivity and vascularization of the nervous system, focusing on the interactions between vascular endothelial cells and spinal motor neurons that control locomotion, respiration and autonomic responses.
Across the cornea OS, dense superficial and anterior stromal corneal vascularization was present and extended 2-3 mm from the limbus.
We designed and evaluated an engineered muscle flap with robust vascularization," says Levenberg, whose research focuses on vascularization of engineered tissues.
In two papers in the journal Diabetes and one each in Development and Cell Metabolism, the researchers described four main findings about islet vascularization and innervation: