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On ultrasound, the most commonly reported appearance is a well defined predominantly cystic mass with a solid component or a mural nodule 2,8,9 showing vascularity which is similar to our case.
suaveolens using chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) vascularity and teratogenicity assays.
There several US characteristic of thyroid nodules suggesting increased risk of malignancy ie calcification, hypoechogenicity, consistency margins, vascularity and taller than wide shape.
This article reports, the management of an accidentally avulsed right permanent maxillary central incisor with closed apex that was remained dry up to 16 hrs from the moment of trauma till its reimplantation and the tooth regained its vascularity.
With the use PDS, the vascular pattern and displacement of vascularity of the lymph nodes were assessed.
Reactive lymph nodes show central vascularity, while peripheral or mixed vascularity are feature of metastatic LNs.
Lasers such as the pulsed-dye laser that help skin vascularity can trigger worsening melanogenesis through dermal inflammation.
sup][8] Several US features such as hypoechogenicity, irregular margins, solid component, microcalcifications, taller-than-wide shape, and intranodular vascularity have been identified as major predictors of malignancy in thyroid nodules.
These are based on the presence or absence of ascites (an accumulation of fluid that causes abdominal swelling), tumor morphology (how the tumor develops and behaves,) and the degree of the mass's vascularity (the formation of new microvessels at the base of the tumor).
Seven children with scattered or no vascularity were excluded from the study, in order to avoid complications such as perforation of the bowel.
A dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI was performed for further assessment of the proximal pole vascularity and treatment planning.
Nodules of hyperplastic lymphoid follicles of various sizes accompanied by expanded germinal centers, numerous eosinophils, and increased vascularity were also evident.
The histopathologic diagnosis of the tumor was "paraganglioma", which is rare but notorious for its difficulty in operation due to high vascularity.