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the property being vascular

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The colour duplex sonar image reveals differential vascularity at the various aspects of the lesion.
Doppler confirms vascularity within the lesion (not shown).
Repeat ultrasound showed increased size and vascularity of the cystic mass along with a small amount of cul-de-sac fluid.
Figures 1B and 1C) The structure exhibited hilar vascularity and PW-Doppler (Figure 1D) demonstrated a resistivity index of 0.
d) Increased limb length due to increased vascularity
A consequence of prolonged stimulation of the thyroid gland is increased vascularity and hypertrophic enlargement of the thyroid gland--otherwise known as goiter.
Because of fatty tissue's lack of vascularity, it off-gasses slowly and can act as a reservoir of inert gas in the body.
Endovascular embolization can reduce the size and vascularity of the AVM, thereby facilitating safer and easier surgical resection.
We recorded age, sex, neurologic status, tumor site and size, extent of PTVE according to Trittmatcher's criteria (13) (none, perifocal, or hemispheric), previous history of meningioma resection, extent of present resection (total or subtotal), intraoperative technical difficulties (difficult approach because of tumor vascularity and invasiveness with subsequent increased surgical manipulation and trauma), pre- and postoperative 7-day course of serum S-100B values, postoperative neurologic deterioration and computerized tomography (CT) scan, cause of deterioration (hematoma with shift, increase of edema, or ischemic changes), histologic type based on WHO classification (2,14), and 6-month Glasgow Outcome Scale (15).
These lesions usually have variable color depending on their vascularity.
Describe how radiation affects the vascularity of the bone.
Septal vascularity may be demonstrated by Doppler examination of the cyst walls.
This aggressive behavior may be related to the vascularity associated with gestation, which may facilitate metastases via hematogenous spread.
Many swear by 19-Nor's effectiveness at increasing muscularity, vascularity, power and strength.
We can restore vascularity, we can restore sensitivity to the organ, but we don't know how much sensitivity and function will be regained," said Scuderi, adding that there could be large variations in the results.