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a unit strand of the vascular system in stems and leaves of higher plants consisting essentially of xylem and phloem

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Sequential sections of stipe in plantlets have a leaf trace formed by 2-3 vascular strands (Fig.
Stipes short, 20-25 (39) cm, stiff in adult plants, adaxially canaliculated, moderate to densely scaly, scales similar to those of rhizome; adult stipes nearly circular in section, with one deep groove, papillate epidermis, hypodermic zone of fibers 8-10 layers thick, leaf trace with 3 vascular strands.
A main vascular strand exhibiting a shallow open arc usually deep and with its ends inwardly curved, accompanied by smaller accessory bundles towards the wings.
The main vascular strands strengthened by laminar collenchyma are concave but with a few small accessory strands in the concavity.
There are 2-5 collateral vascular strands within the midrib and they are relatively small, with little xylem and crushed protophloem.
However, the general structure of the leaflet is very similar to that of other species of Zamia, the main differences being the texture of the leaflet and the size of the fiber clusters above and below the vascular strands.
Observations in ferns appear to indicate a more complex causal relationship than one in which young leaves induce the formation of vascular strands in the stem or vice versa.