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7%) had minimal pathologic change as defined by less than 5% GS, less than 10% IF/TA, and mild or no significant vascular sclerosis (interlobular, small arteries, arterioles including hilar arterioles).
Kidneys with tumor as well as an additional nonneoplastic disease as listed above tended to have more severe vascular sclerosis (74% severe, 17% moderate, and 9% none-to-mild), higher global GS (mean 15%), and more IF/ TA (mean 22%).
The degree of vascular sclerosis had a statistically significant, direct relationship with the percentage of global GS and percentage of tubular atrophy and interstitial fibrosis in the renal cortical tissue (Table 2).
In the 155 cases where both H&E and PAS staining was used, there were only minimal differences in interpretation of GS, IF/TA, and vascular sclerosis based on the parameters described.
3% of the cases showed more than minimal pathology involving 1 or more components, that is, glomerular sclerosis, interstitial fibrosis, or vascular sclerosis.