vasa vasorum

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any small blood vessel ramifying on the outside of a major artery or vein

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P Davidson et al., "Temporal characterization of the functional density of the vasa vasorum by contrast-enhanced ultrasonography maximum intensity projection imaging," Journal of the American College of Cardiology, vol.
Early studies to elucidate the mechanisms of restenosis focused on intimal de-endothelialization as a primary cause, [sup][3] while more recent studies indicated a potential role for adventitial vasa vasorum (VV) in the initiation and/or progression of atherosclerotic lesions and vessel restenosis.
(20,21,25,30-32) This is primarily the result of an increase in second-order vasa vasorum. (33) Vasa vasorum proliferation also precedes the development of endothelial dysfunction.
Quantification of adventitial vasa vasorum vascularization in double-injury restenotic arteries.
(1) tunica intima; (2) tunica media; (3) tunica adventicia; (4) vasa vasorum (H-E 100X)
demonstrated conclusively that, during pathological conditions, increases in the density of adventitial vasa vasorum (VV), the plexus of physiological microvessels surrounding the adventitial layer, precede endothelial dysfunction [13].
Bacterial seeding of the aortic wall, usually with an underlying pathology, occurs via the vasa vasorum [7].
In human normal arteries, the adventitial vasa vasorum constitute a microvascular network that supplies oxygen and nutrients to the outer part of the arterial wall.
Furthermore, sections stained by HE of the CES demonstrated perfect fusion between the CES and the adventitia of vein grafts (Figure 3(g)), formation of vasa vasorum in the space between CES and vein grafts (Figure 3(h)), slow degradation of the CES, and infiltration of VSMCs (Figure 3(i)).
Objectively testing using PORH for disturbed microcirculatory function and/or pulse volume recordings (PVR; microvascular disease of the vasa vasorum in macrovessels) can also demonstrate the effects of abnormal vascular glycation (loss of microvascular compliance).
Se ha documentado elevacion de reactantes de fase aguda en pacientes con fibrosis retroperitoneal idiopatica, generando un proceso inflamatorio con compromiso a nivel de aorta abdominal, arterias iliacas comunes, fenomenos vasculiticos en la vasa vasorum de la adventicia de la aorta y vasos retroperitoneales periaorticos de pequeno calibre.
[3] Hughes and Stovin hypothesized that the structural changes in the bronchial artery causes inadequate nutrition to the pulmonary artery via the vasa vasorum, which in turn lead to inflammation and damage to the elastic tissue and cause arterial aneurysm.
Although the mechanisms underlying vascular injury after radiation therapy are not fully established various factors including early atherosclerosis vasa vasorum degeneration and arterial wall necrosis have been suggested.
(3,7,11) Hughes and Stovin suggested that the aneurysms develop due the degenerative changes in the walls of the bronchial arteries, with subsequent changes in the vasa vasorum of the pulmonary artery.
Inflammation of vasa vasorum may cause aneurysm formation, most commonly in the abdominal aorta.