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Synonyms for vary





Synonyms for vary

to make or become different

to change or fluctuate within limits

to be unlike or dissimilar

to be of different opinion

Synonyms for vary

become different in some particular way, without permanently losing one's or its former characteristics or essence

be at variance with

be subject to change in accordance with a variable

Related Words

make something more diverse and varied

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These results suggest not only that multicollinearity is a significant problem in air pollution epidemiology but also that the nature of the problem does indeed vary from city to city.
Table D in Appendix II demonstrates, however, that the mean number of levels from the CEO does not vary significantly for those with daily, weekly, or monthly contact with the CEO.
Interns' skill levels vary, but don't expect even the most talented accounting student to fill a key position in the firm.
When the forces vary, the amount of stretch varies, resulting in the roll gap varying, and this causes the gum wall gauge to vary.
CINDERELLA, times vary. Palace Theatre, 9 Green Street, Kilmarnock.
States vary on whether you can actually have a lawyer represent you in small claims court, but it generally makes a better impression if you represent yourself.
Selection is based on knowing what contaminants are being generated indoors and outdoor and at what rate they are generated; it may vary by building zone.
Answers will vary, but could include that candidates' views--and mistakes--can be spread quicker and farther than ever before.
When rubber in a bale form is dropped into an internal mixer, the initial mix pattern may vary from one batch to another.
This can vary: Major research institutions, such as large state universities offering doctoral programs, may expect more research than a small college offering undergraduate programs exclusively.
The microstructures of each type of iron vary according to graphite size and shape, and it important to recognize these differences to determine sound microstructures from sound casting practices.
KARLOVY VARY, Czech Republic The Karlovy Vary festival is back in business.
Answers will vary. Students might say that because influenza can be a deadly virus, the cartoonist sympathizes with people who are forced to rely on unusual methods to acquire the vaccine.