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Synonyms for varlet

a deceitful and unreliable scoundrel

in medieval times a youth acting as a knight's attendant as the first stage in training for knighthood


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You heard how one 'scaped out of the Blackfriars, But a while since, from two or three varlets Came into the house with all their rapiers drawn, As if they'd dance the sword-dance on the stage, With candles in their hands, like chandlers' ghosts, Whilst the poor gentleman so pursued and bandied Was by an honest pair of oars safely landed.
For those who did not want to ascend stairs, a traghetto, gondola ferry, service crossed alongside the bridge but, according to the English eccentric Thomas Coryat writing in 1611, the gondoliers were 'the most vicious and licentious varlets about all the city'.
There are exceptions of course, and we can safely dispense with the ones which begin: 'Take 4 dozen eggs, a large hare and 5 pints of fresh cream,' or others which were once tailored for a huge kitchen manned by 20 sweating chefs and numerous varlets with skivvies around to do the messy bits.
Aroint thee, varlets (or words to that effect), quoth he, hinting that something unpleasant could happen to the 2003 Belgian Grand Prix, such as being dropped from the Formula One calendar, if these awkward varmints persisted in their folly.
Another, when her Sons had run away from battle and come to her, said, "Where have you come now in your cowardly flight, vile varlets? Do you intend to slink in here whence you came forth?" And with these words she pulled up her garment and showed them.
Inland, rain had fallen in the river catclunents of the long-suffering Swartkops River; domicilium citandi et executandi to Prawn Pmnpers, Varlets many and various.
Inspired by the manner in which some "varlets" set up Albanians in the same way as before the 2001 conflict, Ismail Sinani says that nothing can disturb the peace of Deputy PM Ademi.
made courtesy here at, and withdrew down the passage, and out at the gate, amidst the many varlets and lordly servants who stood around.' Christmas was over and the new age had dawned, but there would be no more seasons at court in which James's popularity would outshine that of the dead Queen.