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Synonyms for variety

Synonyms for variety

a class that is defined by the common attribute or attributes possessed by all its members

one that is slightly different from others of the same kind or designation

Synonyms for variety

(biology) a taxonomic category consisting of members of a species that differ from others of the same species in minor but heritable characteristics

a show consisting of a series of short unrelated performances

a difference that is usually pleasant


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The Variety Group--Daily Variety, Daily Variety Gotham, Weekly Variety, Variety China, Variety Europe, Variety.
2015 is also the beginning of a new tradition at Variety Latino, the10 Latinos To Watch list.
Variety publisher Michelle Sobrino said she is thrilled that Tapley's valuable contributions will further bolster the dominant role that Variety plays in the awards season.
Peter Caranicas, Variety managing editor, features, will serve as editor of Artisans, working closely with Eller and VP/executive editor Steven Gaydos.
Prior to her work at Variety, Turpin held positions in entertainment marketing at St.
Displays are critical to the success of a new variety.
But this variety will be more helpful to the planters as input costs in terms of pesticides used for controlling the rusts will be lower.
During the last 4 years, from l0 to 15 percent of the wheat acreage in Kansas and Washington--large wheat-growing states--was planted with variety mixtures, according to experts.
The health benefits of tea have been publicized in a variety of scientific studies.
The Variety Entertainment News Service provides editors with access to a wide range of breaking-news stories and analyses; feature articles; newsmaker profiles; opinion columns; movie, TV, music and theater reviews; box office reports; photographs and more.
Center scientists have also developed a nutritionally enhanced variety of cassava, a root vegetable that is a dietary staple for hundreds of millions worldwide.
Children must be introduced to a variety of genres and writing styles to help develop their own interest in reading and writing.
Heirloom plants can also help buck the trend of monoculture, in which one variety is grown in vast fields.
The percentage of unpopped kernels ranged from 4 percent for the best variety to 47 percent for the worst.
As controlled demolition--using a high-reach hydraulic excavator fitted with a variety of attachments to carefully demolish a building--gains popularity in North America, so does the importance of having the appropriate battery of attachments to perform a variety of tasks common to many demolition sites.