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Synonyms for variety

Synonyms for variety

a class that is defined by the common attribute or attributes possessed by all its members

one that is slightly different from others of the same kind or designation

Synonyms for variety

(biology) a taxonomic category consisting of members of a species that differ from others of the same species in minor but heritable characteristics

a show consisting of a series of short unrelated performances

a difference that is usually pleasant


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Incidence on the variety Black Pearl was lower when compared to these two varieties but higher than that on all other varieties tested.
Table-1 showed that the mean value of years of schooling of respondents who grew approved variety of coarse rice KSK-133was 13 years which was highest as compared to unapproved varieties i.
The test variety is good in germination and tillering.
For example, Rainier Fruit has been promoting the Lady Alice for the past four seasons using a systematic and targeted promotional strategy, which included releasing the variety in the first quarter of the year versus immediately upon harvest.
In 2008, there were 210 acres of Touriga Nacional and 62 acres of Souzao, a red variety with red juice that the Portuguese generally do not consider to be important in the Douro region blends.
Similarly, Variety news wilt continue to be aggregated online, as it has in the past.
The new variety also has higher resistance to all known varieties of rust disease," Rau says, but cautions, "the new variety will not solve all problems.
To assess the advantages and disadvantages of using wheat variety blends, Cowger developed 13 blends from 8 pure varieties.
When it comes to plums, no variety can match self-fertile `Santa Rosa' for ease of growing and steady crops, even if it does tend to bear in alternate years, especially when it goes into decline after about 15 years.
We believe that new readers of Variety content will come to enjoy a daily insider's view into the world of entertainment," said Charlie Koones, president and publisher of the Variety Group.
If allergenicity is still indicated, then efforts to further develop the GM variety are typically abandoned.
As part of the library media program in the elementary school, children must be introduced to a variety of genres and writing styles to help develop their own interest in reading and writing.
Heirloom plants can also help buck the trend of monoculture, in which one variety is grown in vast fields.
The percentage of unpopped kernels ranged from 4 percent for the best variety to 47 percent for the worst.
That system of protection, known as Plant Variety Protection (PVP), was first adopted in the USA as the Plant Variety Protection Act of 1970, with the most recent amendments made in 1994 when the U.