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Synonyms for variegated



Synonyms for variegated

Synonyms for variegated

having a variety of colors

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She paired lants with yellow variegations to unite her design.
The leaves are bold, with bright variegations of gold, yellow, cream, white and silver, as well as those with pure green or dusty blue-grey leaves.
There are a wide range of cultivars available with white or gold variegations but I particularly love Hedera Buttercup for its buttery golden leaves when it is planted in the sun.
There are also crinkled-leaved varieties like Curlilocks and those with teeth like Dentata, as well as ones that are prized for their bright yellow variegations, such as Goldchild and Goldheart and white margins like Glacier.
In Lust, 1990, a study in the variegations of the artist's doted-on Wedgwood hues, a Donald Duck-like character stares out caught in the act, his pink beak engorged with five softer pink, Busby Berkley-esque gams.
Euonymus These reliable shrubs provide wonderful foliage displays in the autumn garden, ranging from reds and coppers to bright yellow variegations.
This family of evergreen plants bears swordlike leaves in shades of green, coppery red, and yellow, plus variegations.
Apart from the fact that there are lots of shades of green, a great many of these shrubs and trees have produced lovely white, cream, silver and gold variegations.
Expert tip Carex come in a myriad of shades including greens, blues, yellows, browns and oranges plus variegations.
varied shades A great hedging plant with evergreen leaves, many have attractive variegations, bringing extra colour and interest to the garden boundary.
THE range of ivies now available make this one of the most useful and attractive climbing plants, with leaves of many shapes and sizes as well as yellow, white and pale green variegations.