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Synonyms for variegation

Synonyms for variegation

variability in coloration

the act of introducing variety (especially in investments or in the variety of goods and services offered)

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In March 2003 hebe 'Sweet Kim' should be introduced with its unusual cream and pink variegation.
I was amazed there was not an inquiry after the maiden race as Variegation trained by John Dunlop was never put in the race at any time and made ground hand over fist in the last two furlongs to finish a hard held third.
focuses on the rich variegation of creatures in relation to their Creator.
However, insofar as our postmodern situation entails an oikoumene of vast variegation of all things pertaining to human culture, and insofar as one of those things happens to be the preoccupation that goes by the name of "philosophy" in English, "wisdom" in Persian, and "The Way" in Chinese, he would be delighted to have this posthumous collection of previously published articles reviewed in this journal.
Far from being narcissistic, the recurrence of his dead sister's sketch-book, which weaves various memories into An Island That Is All the World, is handled with a great deal of delicacy: "The sketch builds into a whole period of my life; the pencilled variegation forms into a whole that remains varied.
All three breeding lines contain unique combinations of genes for leaf variegation, leaf pigmentation, and multiple fruiting.
Look for different types of variegation, too -- from stripes and swirls to spotting and edging.
Citrus Swizzle forsythia is a shy-blooming, 12- to 18-inch tall by 2- to 3-foot-wide shrub whose foliage emerges chartreuse with a lime-green center variegation in the spring.
For medium to large gardens there are hundreds of hybrids to select from, many with superb foliage in various styles of variegation and several variations on berry colour.
Urban and social historians have enriched popular understanding of the development of suburbs, but suburban variegation has been less explored.
The Maloneys have three growing out of pots on their front steps: 'Blackie,' with dark purple foliage; 'Marguerite,' a lime green cultivar; and 'Tri-color,' with white, pink and green variegation.
The simplest way to help physicians and the public remember the lethal potential of smaller lesions is to expand the ABCD criteria (Asymmetry, Border irregularity, Color variegation, and Diameter greater than 6 mm) to include "Evolving" and thus extend screening to the lesions that fall below the 6 mm diameter threshold and meet at least one of the ABC criteria, he suggested in a telephone interview with this newspaper.
This may vary from a ring of colour around the petals, to a bull's eye variegation and a whole range of stripes and speckles.
With its sleek, yet subtle variegation, Hazelwood offers a striking, natural shade with earthy richness.