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a variable quantity that is random

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Shape changes were visualized using a wireframe graph as well as a transformation grid superimposed with their warped outline drawing for each canonical variate. To test the significance of the shape differences between farmed populations, a multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) was performed using PAST v3.15 (Hammer et al., 2001).
In the second canonical fonction, perceived social loafing in teammates (PSLQ) had a moderate positive loading, and social-loafing acceptability (SLAQ) had a strong negative loading on the social-loafing variate. Personal standards and organization had moderate to strong positive loadings on the perfectionism variate, whereas perceived parental pressure and doubts about actions had moderate negative loadings on the perfectionism variate.
Using canonical correlation, these researchers modeled the integrative nature of the skills via their loadings on the skills variate, and the interrelated nature of the outcomes via their loadings on the outcomes variate.
In this study, corresponding to the two multitemporal normalized difference index images ([mathematical expression not reproducible]) and two general fused images ([mathematical expression not reproducible]), MAD variate [M.sub.p] is generated by using optimal coefficients a and b through (7) and (8):
Variables with higher absolute weights contribute more to the corresponding canonical variate. For interpretation of CCA results researchers also use canonical loading, also called canonical structural correlation, which is the correlation between an original observed variable in the dependent or independent set and the set's canonical variate.
The second canonical variate investigated multivariate relationships after accounting for the relationships in the first pair of canonical variate.
Define R = [absolute value of Z] and [THETA] = arg(Z) as the envelope (modulus) and the phase (argument) of the complex [alpha]-[mu] variate, respectively.
Correlation coefficients for canonical variates 1 and 2 were 0.841 and 0.660, respectively, indicating both are statistically significant (p < 0.000).
By combining control variate technique we modify the last step of Algorithm 1 as
To determine the spuriousness or non-spuriousness of the relationship among independent and independent variables at bi variate level through (2) test statistics multi variate analysis were carried out.
The matrix variate gamma distribution has many applications in multivariate statistical analysis.
The six-member bloc is seeking to enhance the flow of FDI to support the industrial sector, variate sources of income and reduce reliance on oil, which still constitutes 47 percent of their GDP, Al-Aqeel told the GCC's 15th industrialists' conference.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION: agar; area; aria; attar; attire; aver; avert; gaiter; gear; girt; giver; grate; grave; GRAVITATE; great; grit; irate; raga; rage; riata; rata; rate; ratite; ravage; rave; regatta; rite; rive; rivet; tare; targe; target; tart; tater; tear; terai; tetra; tiara; tier; tiger; tire; titre; trait; treat; tret; triage; trig; trite; trivet; vair; variate; vert; virga; virgate.
Canonical variate analysis finds linear transformations of the data which maximize the among-group variation relative to the pooled within-group variation.