variable-pitch propeller

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propeller for which the angle of the blades is adjustable

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The Bureau of Steam Engineering reported on 15 October 1918 that five Hart and Eustiss reversible pitch propellers were under construction for use on twin-engine dirigibles and two variable-pitch propeller hubs for the F-5L were being ordered.
4-foot variable-pitch propeller is so long that it can't spin until the plane is aloft, so the long-winged robot will be launched like some sailplanes, that is, pulled by a winch-wound cable until airborne, when the engine will be engaged and the cable detached.
The Stone-Vickers bow thruster, a variable-pitch propeller located laterally in a tunnel at the ship's prow, increases maneuverability at low speeds in restricted waters by making the vessel swing to port or starboard.
The variable-pitch propellers on the P-3 allow us to back the aircraft into and out of spots.
We also have a dissertation project being undertaken, which is looking at variable-pitch propellers.
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