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Detailed process instructions on job cards and pictorial instruction guides help communicate process steps and requirements and minimize variability during inspection.
Also note that since there are only two ingredients in this example, their proportioning variabilities in the formulated stream are necessarily equal and opposite, as shown in Figure 1B, which shows each ingredient's proportioning variability in the resulting AB discharge stream expressed as a [+ or -]% of each ingredient's targeted proportion of 50%.
It has been suggested that higher blood pressure variability might potentially lead to cognitive impairment through changes in the brain structures.
Using computer simulations, scientists have found that the daily rainfall variability would change by 13 to 50 percent if the emission of greenhouse gases continues without any reduction in its intensity.
As mathematicians, what we're really trying to do is relate the structure and dynamics of this stochastic variability of brain activity to the variability in cognitive performance," said Doiron.
2005) illustrate that top athletes do, in fact, show variability in their execution levels (e.
Sever and his coworkers showed that the calcium channel blocker-treated group had significantly less blood pressure variability over time than did those treated with atenolol.
A relative measure of the variability of a random variable is the standard deviation divided by the mean, which is called the coefficient of variation.
In general, changes in rainfall variability as well as in the mean value of climate variables influence the yield of cereal crops, but because the pattern of rainfall variability is not necessarily harmful, the problems arise from extreme events and the uncertainty which derives from the difficulty of predicting weather beyond a week or so (FAO, 2001).
There are only two studies that have examined the effects of extinction on response variability with humans (Maes, 2003; Morgan & Lee, 1996).
The processes that permit and maintain genetic variability have themselves evolved under selection pressures.
That's a sign of moderate variability, which nearly guarantees that the fetus is sufficiently oxygenated.
A This question has several parts: What are the average biological and analytical variabilities for hematocrit, and what pre-analytical factors can increase the variability beyond these variabilities?
AGN variability from X-rays to radio waves; proceedings.
a leader in variability analysis and optimization solutions, announced today that STMicroelectronics , a world leading semiconductor supplier, has selected Clear Shape's Variability Platform products InShape and OutPerform for 65nm and below technology nodes, following a year long extensive evaluation.