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This variability is apparent when we record the brain responses of individual adults with an EEG," explains group leader Dr.
This article examines U-values as a measure of variability in more detail by using three sets of simulated data; each set attempted to answer a different question about U-value.
decadal-multidecadal variability in the Pacific and the Atlantic;
The amount of variability in the performance and coordination dimensions can change in accordance with the skill level (Schollorn et al.
Conclusion: Heart rate variability reduces with advancing age irrespective of the gender reflecting increased likelihood for developing ventricular arrhythmias in the predisposed patients.
Implementing lean manufacturing methods is another way to reduce variability by standardizing processes and product flow.
The different measures of variability introduced below describe the extent to which the individual observations are scattered or spread, ie, to what extent they differ.
There are four steps involving in implementation of precision agriculture that include characterizing the extent and scale of variability in soil and crop attributes, interpreting the significance and causes of variability, managing variability on spatial and temporal basis, evaluation of the outcomes resulting from variability management practices.
THE PERFORMANCE PRINCIPLE: The performance of each ingredient feeder affects the proportion variability of all other ingredients in the composite stream, but only to the extent permitted by the Proportion Principle.
To obtain reliable inferences from the evaluation, the effects of training-induced changes in performance should significantly exceed biological variability (14).
Results show that relative price variability is determined mainly by supply factors as reflected by unanticipated inflation.
As floor compliance can affect the extrinsic forces applied to the body, secondary effects of floor properties may be observed in the movement consistency or kinematic variability exhibited during dance performance.
New approaches to the study of linguistic variability.
Washington, July 31 ( ANI ): Higher variability in blood pressure readings, could be related to impaired cognitive function in old age in those already at high risk of cardiovascular disease, a new study suggests.