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a unit of electrical power in an AC circuit equal to the power dissipated when 1 volt produces a current of 1 ampere

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The 20/20 Perfect Vision program optimizes VAR margins and sales opportunities through volume incentive rebates, sales support, marketing tools, access to the 20/20 Perfect Vision extranet and blog.
Partners in all levels will receive full sales and technical support from TeamPoint's dedicated VAR team, including a dedicated VAR portal, product collateral and assigned sales and support representatives.
The program enables VARs and OEMs to achieve the maximum benefits offered by Wonderware's innovative software solutions, which are backed by award-winning technical support and a certified training program for engineers.
the variance-covariance, Monte Carlo and historical simulation approaches to calculating VAR
Improved diagnostic medium for separation of Cryptococcus neoformans var.
The open architecture approach goes beyond application programming interfaces (APIs), scripting layers, and plug-ins, and gives VARs the full source code access under generous licensing terms.
A VAR usually shares a percentage of its sales with the major vendor whose products it sells and customizes for its clients.
Nevertheless, says Deacon, who formerly managed Hewlett-Packard's VAR channel, it's possible for software companies to overcome this hardware bias and build productive VAR relationships.
PacketHop's VARs solve their customers' unique communications challenges based on their regional, technical and specific account expertise.
They focused on new customers and grew their VAR segment to take the prize.
Municipal Wireless Leader Kicks Off Multi-City VAR Roadshow at the Wireless Communications Association (WCA) Symposium, January 17, Fairmont Hotel, San Jose
In addition, both the VAR and VoIPAlarm programs provide the end user NextAlarm's patent-pending E-Notify[TM] technology to set up alarm notifications that are received via e-mail or cell text message.
RCCS expert application software and comprehensive system integration services lets utilities enjoy the financial and operational benefits of closed-loop VAr [Volt-Ampere reactive] control far sooner and at lower cost than is possible with other approaches.
Var of gun fire opened by security forces to the forestry area(GUN SOUNDS)
Trusonic, the innovator in on-demand business audio services, has restated its commitment to software as a service with the release of VAR Admin 2.