vapour density

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the density of a gas relative to the density of hydrogen

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The refractivity retrieved throughout the troposphere medium is mainly influenced by the water vapour density variability (Flores et al.
It is verified by the 4D temporal evolution of a tomography profile that the water vapour density increases mainly in the lower layers in the hours prior to an intense rain event.
Conventional level measurement systems can have errors of more than 40% due to build-up and vapour density fluctuations meaning that operators are unable to optimise processes, often leading to significant loss of production and potentially dangerous operating conditions.
This is done via modelling and comparison of vapour fluxes estimated through measurements of the vertical soil vapour density profile, and directly using a transportable, transparent polycarbonate dome evaporation instrument (DEI) applied over the ground surface.
The correlation matrix of Ret and fabric structural parameters Water Horizontal Vertical Yarn vapour density density length in resistance loop Water vapour r.
Leadon is currently conducting fresh research, using digital monitors in jet stalls to measure water vapour density, and said: "We need much more data.