vapour bath

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a room that can be filled with steam in which people bathe

you sweat in a steam room before getting a rubdown and cold shower

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37) Thomas Latta, 'Saline Venous Injection in Cases of Malignant Cholera Performed While in Vapour Bath (follow-up article)', Lancet 19, 10 November 1832, 208.
Two vapour baths," Mr Fezziwig said to himself quietly, "or we shall need new lattice backs on all the Hepplewhite chairs in the dining room because they will never survive her weight.
Originally a Corn Exchange, it would soon become a home to shops, as well as banks, offices, a post office, an auction room, and steam and vapour baths.
However, the Household Medical Adviser on 1899 cautioned: "Persons of short stature and corpulent persons, those who suffer from proclivity to congestion of blood in the head and those who suffer from weakness of the heart, as well as anaemic girls and pregnant women, must on no account take vapour baths.
The hotel occupies the site of the world famous vapour baths in Brighton that were built in 1786 and existed until the 1890s.