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Synonyms for vaporous

so light and insubstantial as to resemble air or a thin film

Synonyms for vaporous

resembling or characteristic of vapor

filled with vapor

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David's vaporous, contingent selves suggest not the ecstasy of intercon-nectedness but the horror of dispersion.
As one reality gives way to the next vaporous world, the landscape that was already ambiguous becomes ever more so.
With JXXXA-PRRO1-12, 2009, a modestly scaled, prestretched canvas was printed with a line drawing of a Cezanne still life, which Koether then colored in a range of bright and hazy pastels, at times defying the drawing's contours in favor of an allover dispersal: Blushing, sexual pinks and gossamer gold applied in loose, transparent brushstrokes appear vaporous as they leak beyond the skeletal black contours of the outlined Cezanne.
John Chiara's highly crafted, unique Cibachrome prints address these topical concerns through intensely analog actions producing images of vaporous, sometimes acid-tinged apocalyptic beauty.
Like Constable, Ziegler derives inspiration from the vaporous forms, using their shifting shapes to evoke various associations in several paintings.
Some of these pictures are painted on burlap, a coarse surface that asserts itself through the vaporous and fractured application of pigment.
Finally he's like Grzeszykowska's disappeared self: a vaporous assemblage of fragile, infinitely mutable bits of data.
A second body of photographs, from the series "Apparition," 2003, presents a lush forest that, in each shot, is cleaved into a flattened foreground containing a vaporous haze--an emissary from the beyond, or perhaps just a wisp of smoke--and a vertiginous background composed of multiple, conflicting orthogonals.
Now, he has gone from class to mass, with a whole set of sculptural works drawn from common consumer goods: actual bottles of Cheer Dark and Purex Mountain Breeze, bursting out of--or being sucked into--explosive, vaporous clouds of three-dimensional neon tubing.
Overall, American critics react negatively to Fuchs's vaporous, reactionary premises.
They are used for condensation and cooling of vaporous, gaseous and liquid media in the technological processes of the oil refining, petrochemical and related industries.
A vaporous outline of a man - said to be a miller who was murdered in the early 19th century - has been seen many times over the years.
The dancers stir vaporous clouds or cast multihued shadows which battle each other for primacy--depending on what effect the video team is experimenting with at the moment.
The brightest portions look like a vaporous number 2 to me, and yet this is the area that inspired the Omega and Horseshoe names.
In 2015, she released two EPs, The Suspended Kid and Children of Silk, of regal, vaporous tunes about individuality, love, and disconnection.