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annihilation by vaporizing something

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With LNG supplies expected to increase significantly in the next decade, portable LNG vaporization may offer the least expensive means of providing a temporary solution to lack of capacity.
8] Direct comparison of TURP and KTP photoselective vaporization of the prostate (PVP) show equivalent results (Table 3).
The description for HCPCS code C9713 is "non-contact laser vaporization of prostate, including coagulation control of intraoperative and post-operative bleeding.
UROHEALTH will begin selling the vaporization probes immediately,
Specifically, vaporization allows medical patients or recreational consumers to emit the medically active cannabinoids found in concentrate or flower, with little or none of the plant matter, tars, and noxious gases found in smoke at combusted temperatures.
Contract notice: Delivery implants for surgery trauma-orthopedic systems cruciate ligament reconstruction, sewing kits meniscus, saw blades saws oscillation electrodes to vaporization, blades reusable system shaver arthroscopy, sets autotransfusion, orthopedic kits the extraction and surgical instruments, reusable .
All fan-powered steam humidifier models adopt MHI's proprietary system in which vaporization is achieved simply by heating the water absorbed by the vaporization cloth, so there is no worry of possible scalding even in the unlikely event the unit were to topple over.
The UTVG has developed a product that creates capillary action and vaporization simultaneously which allows for the elimination of any type of sponge or filter materials.
Advanced models of pyrolysis utilize the coal tar vaporization process as one of the key phenomena because the ability of tar to evaporate determines several key features of the pyrolytic process (tar yields, char yields, gas yields, tar molecular weight distribution) [7, 9].
6) Photoselective vaporization of the prostate (PVP) is widely used and has been extensively studied with different systems, such as the 80W KTP laser, the GreenLight HPS 120W (GL-HPS) system (American Medical Systems, Minnetonka, MN), and most recently the GreenLight XPS 180W (GL-XPS) system.
Calculating vaporization latent heat flux (QL) in Cha-bahar Bay:
The second project will go online in 2014 and involves a new liquid oxygen storage and vaporization facility at the Freeport air separation unit complex to supply oxygen to the GCPL pipeline network.
Modifications of this gold standard procedure, including bipolar transurethral resection and laser resection and vaporization, have been incorporated into clinical practice to duplicate the results with lower morbidity.
Spray vaporization and combustion studies are of primary importance in the prediction and improvement of systems utilizing spray injection, in liquid fuelled combustion systems such as industrial boilers, gas turbines, direct ignition diesel engines, rocket and air-breathing engine applications.
The synthesis of zinc oxide thin layer modified by cobalt was carried out by means of different methods like spinning layer deposition, submersion and electron vaporization and its application in the treatment of polluted waters was investigated as a part of MS thesis developed by the Iranian researcher, Iman Asadi Farsani, under Dr.