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Synonyms for vantage

a factor conducive to superiority and success

a dominating position, as in a conflict

the position from which something is observed or considered

Synonyms for vantage

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Vantage was an ideal fit to help us create buzz and make a lasting impression," said David Millilo, American Hometec's vice president of marketing.
With home theaters, advanced lighting controls, distributed home audio, complicated HVAC and security systems, today's luxury home can rival a medium-size commercial building in complexity," said Vantage Marketing VP Andrew Wale.
5-inch touchscreen provides total control of the Vantage InFusion([TM]) system.
Vantage Learning continues to be first in quality, reliability, and accuracy of assessment services," says Peter Murphy, CEO of Vantage Labs, parent organization of Vantage Learning.
We're delighted that Prometric has chosen IntelliMetric to score the writing sample of the MCAT," said Peter Murphy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Vantage Labs, parent organization of Vantage Learning.
As part of the contract, IntelliMetric[TM], Vantage Learning's automated essay scoring engine, scores applicants' responses to two types of prompts within each GMAT AWA assessment.
The Vantage Atlas Plus' unique elliptical large bore design will decrease incidents of claustrophobia, giving patients more room during an MRI exam.
to support the ongoing achievement and future success of their students," says Harry Barfoot, VP of Marketing for Vantage Learning.
Vantage continues to be the innovator and pacesetter in riverboat cruising," said David Gevanthor, executive vice president of Vantage.
The Vantage is the first BIM device to include an integrated Windows XP computer that allows practitioners real-time access to analysis and profiling data.
Our Russian tours have always been traveler favorites," said David Gevanthor, executive vice president of Vantage, attributing the appeal to the grandeur of Moscow and the dazzling baroque beauty of St.
This is a watershed moment for Vantage Learning and Web-based delivery of online assessment and instructional programs," says Harry Barfoot, Vice President of Marketing for Vantage Learning.
radiologist, Center for Advanced Imaging, the installation of the center's new Vantage will allow the center to offer its patients the latest in MRI technology.
We're proud to extend our relationship with WritersUA and the user assistance community," says Peter Murphy, CEO of Vantage Software Technologies.