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Synonyms for vanilla

Synonyms for vanilla

any of numerous climbing plants of the genus Vanilla having fleshy leaves and clusters of large waxy highly fragrant white or green or topaz flowers

a flavoring prepared from vanilla beans macerated in alcohol (or imitating vanilla beans)

a distinctive fragrant flavor characteristic of vanilla beans

plain and without any extras or adornments

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Slit vanilla pods lengthways and scrape out the seeds.
Chill and then strain off the vanilla pods and seeds.
In a pan boil together the cream, milk, sugar, vanilla pods and orange zest.
Heat the milk with the cream and vanilla pods until nearly at boiling point, then pour over the eggs, stirring continuously.
Tart filling: 1kg golden syrup; 250g brown bread crumbs; 5 egg yolks; 100ml double cream; 1 vanilla pod of seeds; orange zest.
Vanilla Pods -- the only vanilla pods to be vacuum packed to preserve the beans natural flavour and extend storage life.
Try to get vanilla pods too, a good vanilla flavouring is OK, but not quite the same.
Take off the heat, drop in the vanilla pods and stir well.
Split the vanilla pods and remove the seeds by running a sharp knife down each half of the pods.
We use real vanilla pods and ground vanilla in this one.
CREME PATISSIERRE 550 ml milk 2 vanilla pod 6 egg yolks 125g caster sugar 50g plain flour METHOD Bring milk to the boil with the vanilla pods and remove from the heat.
Bring to boil the milk, cream, sugar together with split vanilla pods and seeds.
Instead of throwing away expensive empty vanilla pods keep them in a sealed jar covered with caster sugar to infuse the sugar with real vanilla flavour.
INGREDIENTS (Serves 6) # 300ml full fat milk # 300ml double cream # 2 vanilla pods # 8 egg yolks # 60g caster sugar and some extra for topping # 1 /2 punnet strawberries Makes 6 individual brulees or 1 large one METHOD: Split vanilla pods lengthwise with a knife and scrape out the seeds.
1Put the rhubarb, orange segments and juice with the blueberries in a pan with the cardamom and vanilla pods.