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Synonyms for vane

mechanical device attached to an elevated structure

a fin attached to the tail of an arrow, bomb or missile in order to stabilize or guide it

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the flattened weblike part of a feather consisting of a series of barbs on either side of the shaft


References in classic literature ?
It may appear strange that Alice Vane should have been there at such a time; but there was something so childlike, so wayward, in her singular character, so apart from ordinary rules, that her presence did not surprise the few who noticed it.
No sooner had he spoken than Alice Vane glided from her station, and pressing one hand across her eyes, with the other snatched away the sable curtain that concealed the portrait.
May Heaven forgive the deed," said the soft, sad accents of Alice Vane, like the voice of a good spirit flitting away.
It was to tell him that he was engaged to be married to Sibyl Vane.
I try and persuade her all I can that she is; but it seems as if she didn't want to be persuaded; and when I ask her if Lady So-and-so is of the same opinion (that Miss Vane isn't her equal), she looks so soft and pretty with her eyes, and says, "Of course she is
Vane, also (the brother), seems to have the same prejudices, and when I tell him, as I often think it right to do, that his sister is not his subordinate, even if she does think so, but his equal, and, perhaps in some respects his superior, and that if my brother, in Bangor, were to treat me as he treates this poor young girl, who has not spirit enough to see the question in its true light, there would be an indignation, meeting of the citizens to protest against such an outrage to the sanctity of womanhood--when I tell him all this, at breakfast or dinner, he bursts out laughing so loud that all the plates clatter on the table.
This morning we had again some little trouble with the rod of the propeller, which must be entirely remodelled, for fear of serious accident - I mean the steel rod - not the vanes.
The proprietary Cheng Rotation Vane (CRV)[R] developed by Cheng Fluid Systems has been found to satisfactorily solve these flow induced piping problems when an elbow is above a valve.
VIE dba Micro Vane, remains fully operational in Kalamazoo, MI where it still develops and markets the Windows dBEV Beverage Management System to beverage distributors nationwide and continues its award-winning support for its 350 dBEV customers.
This, Arnold said, eliminates the need for a shaft to penetrate through a cavity and for an arm or gear to be welded or attached to the vane assembly.
VN1015 Series magnetic vane sensors provide robust, high-speed sensing in dirty, dusty environments.
There's a chance to find out this week at VANE, the art gallery on the first floor of Commercial Union House on Newcastle's Pilgrim Street.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Insitu Vane Shear Apparatus.