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a soft silvery white toxic metallic element used in steel alloys

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The vanadium price has been increasing constantly from its long-term low of US$2.
So the reason for introducing the vanadium test to the equation is to tell the microfossils from other samples that have carbon but were not once alive.
The use of the first two compounds leads to the production of initial products with impurities of other compounds, which requires additional treatment of vanadium salts before thermal decomposition.
Catalyst: High-purity or technical-grade vanadium pentoxide is used as a catalyst in various industrial processes.
Recent studies show that vanadium is quite efficacious against hyperglycaemia.
Vanadium causes increased oxidative stress and lesions in hepatic and renal tissue leading to failure of these organs ultimately when supplemented in higher doses to broilers9.
0 h , the catalysts with different amounts of vanadium were obtained.
The vanadium adsorption capacity of the eggshell powder was calculated as the (Eq.
The effects of vanadium on oxidative stress parameters in stomach tissue were presented in Table 3.
The Clear Hills iron and vanadium deposit represents one of Canada's premier undeveloped mineral assets.
27 February 2012 - China's Pangang Group Steel Vanadium & Titanium (SHE:000629) said today it had tapped five lenders for a CNY14.
The heavy metals, vanadium and nickel are widely found in our environment due to their environmental pervasiveness.
An obscure mineral with a long and colorful mining history in Colorado may be reemerging as an element critical to the widespread use of solar and wind power, [paragraph] At the same time, it introduces a bit of a quandary for environmentalists seeking a clean and renewable energy future, [paragraph] The substance is vanadium, long used as a metal alloy that improves the strength and elasticity of steel.
Researchers report that they have managed to manipulate the trigger temperature for vanadium oxide, one such material.