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a mineral consisting of chloride and vanadate of lead

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At the Reward mine, fornacite occurs with mottramite, mimetite, vanadinite and wulfenite on fractures in marble.
Locally it has been found as dark brown botryoidal coatings to 2 mm thick and as individual brown spheres (to 1 mm) associated with dark reddish brown vanadinite.
Vanadinite specimens attributed (probably incorrectly) to the Carrock mine in the Kingsbury collection at the Natural History Museum, London, show small short-prismatic crystals, zoned pale brown and cream.
Since 1952 the site has stood abandoned, visited only (and that very infrequently) by mineral collectors searching for vanadinite and wulfenite crystal specimens.
The fame of the Apex mine among mineral collectors rests on two species, vanadinite and wulfenite, which have been found as beautifully crystallized specimens.
Fine examples of cerussite, dioptase, malachite, azurite, wulfenite, smithsonite and vanadinite have been collected there, as well as some of the finest known examples of a number of rarer species such as boleite, diaboleite, caledonite, hydrocerussite, linarite, matlockite and leadhillite.
The Mibladen-Midelt district has produced the world's finest vanadinite specimens, with large, sharp, deeply colored crystals in highly attractive groupings on contrasting matrix of white barite or orange-brown limonite.
These crystals are rather varied in color, ranging from a deep yellow resembling mimetite to a red or red-orange resembling vanadinite to dark brown and brown-green resembling pyromorphite; some of the crystals are bi-colored.
The exposed terminations tend to be perfect, whereas the end attached to matrix tends to taper down irregularly, as is often seen with large vanadinite crystals.
When he was ten he collected vanadinite underground at the Apache mine with his father and his namesake uncle, D.
Europe was a no-show in the what's-new department at Denver, and Africa was nearly so; however, one Moroccan dealer working out of a tent at the Holiday Inn did have a nice, somewhat "different" lot of vanadinite specimens which had been found three months ago at the well-known Acif (ACF) mine, Mibladen.
Kunz, "unusually strong in the rare and expensive minerals such as wulfenite, crocoite, matlockite, vanadinite, and all the metallic minerals.
There were displays of thumbnail-size calcite twins (Gene and Doris Wright); beautiful agate slabs (Norm and Roz Pellman); glowing, very large specimens of Swiss smoky quartz and pink fluorite (Siber & Siber): a huge case of amethyst specimens of all descriptions and sizes, plus faceted amethyst gems (Bill Larson); rock-forming minerals (but superb specimens of them--Jesse Fisher and Joan Kureczka); minerals of Mexico (Peter Megaw); Arizona vanadinite (Evan Jones); Hallelujah Junction, Nevada quartz (Krystal Tips Mining); general quartz (Bill Severance); worldwide fluorites (Steve Smale); American minerals (the Mineralogical Association of Dallas); highlights of the Lidstrom Family Collection, in memory of the late Walt Lidstrom .
This year, besides the usual azurites, anglesites, vanadinites, proustites, acanthites, etc.
Matlockites, Suzannites, Leadhillites, Lanarkites, Caledonites, Chromo-phosphates [chromian pyromorphite], Pyromorphites, Kampylites, Vanadinites, Wulfenites, and Linarites.