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a salt or ester of vanadic acid

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Heating the sample while flowing nitrogen gas is known to extract oxygen atoms from the bismuth vanadate, creating "defects.
Bismuth vanadate pigments are yellow pigments with a greenish color tone, which BASF markets under the Sicopal[R] and Paliotan[R] brand names.
Bismuth vanadate needs a hand in speeding the reaction that produces fuel, and that's where the paired catalysts come in.
The iron oxide makes a good junction with bismuth vanadate, and the nickel oxide makes a good catalytic interface with water.
Experimental studies demonstrate that structural Fe(III) in magnetite and ilmenite heterogeneously reduce aqueous ferric, cupric, vanadate, and chromate ions all the oxide surfaces over a pH range of 1-7 at 25[degrees]C.
Effects of high sucrose diet on insulin-like effects of vanadate in diabetic rats.
Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium were measured by the method of wet digestion, respectively, with concentrated sulphuric acid after Kjeldahl, photocolorimetrically with ammonium vanadate, and with the help of flame photometry (Rodin et al.
Vanadate rather than YAG is advantageous as the laser medium when operating at high PRF, especially since the relatively short upper state lifetime of vanadate means the pulse-to-pulse fluctuations, even at higher PRF, are relatively small.
We have done work on that, showing that vanadate and vanadyl actually have a positive effect on blood sugar control in diabetic animal models of several types.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Chemicals And Glasswares Ammonium Chloride (Solid),Ammonium Hydroxide,Ammonium Hydroxide (NH4OH),Ammonium meta vanadate,Ammonium Molybdate,
Lead chromate producers in Europe like Cappelle and BASF are switching completely to substitutes like bismuth vanadate pigments.
The extraordinarily high tinting strength of zinc-free VANADUR[R] 2108, a new green shade Bismuth Vanadate, opens a new economical dimension for end users, providing an attractive ecological-economic balance, according to Buchweitz.
free medium, sustained contractions induced by oxytocin or vanadate were relaxed by the alkaloids tested except for glaucine and laudanosine indicating no inhibitory effect on intracellular calcium release.
The LML materials can be easily ablated by most low power CO2, YAG, fiber diode, UV and Vanadate lasers with the aggressive PSA adhering to a wide variety of surfaces including metals, plastics, ceramics and resins.