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a salt or ester of vanadic acid

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Effect of vanadate on gene expression of the insulin signaling pathway in skeletal muscle of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.
2] was significantly increased at the highest vanadate concentration, although LPS-stimulated [PGE.
Heating the sample while flowing nitrogen gas is known to extract oxygen atoms from the bismuth vanadate, creating "defects.
Lead chromate producers in Europe like Cappelle and BASF are switching completely to substitutes like bismuth vanadate pigments.
The ADP analog was then trapped into the ATPase site of myosin S1 in the presence of vanadate (Vi) to form the stable S1-ADP-Vi complex, and covalently photo-crosslinked to the site by ultraviolet illumination.
5] Strout HV, Vicario PP, Saperstein R, et al: The insulin-mimeticeffect of vanadate is not correlated with insulin receptor tyrosine kinaseactivity nor phosphorylation in mouse diaphragm in vivo.
Abstract Polypyrrole (PPy) doped with either tungstate or vanadate as counter anions was synthesized by chemical oxidative polymerization on the surface of aluminum (Al) flakes.
For example, the bilirubin oxidase and vanadate oxidation methods are enzymatic and chemical assays, respectively.
Chloramine-T [28] ammonium vanadate in sulphuric acid medium [29] p-NN-dimethyl phenylenediamine [30] hydroxylamine in the presence of ferric ions chloranil in the alkaline solution and Au (III) and Hg (II) ions [31] reagents were used for determination of tetracycline.
Kyoung-Shin Choi, a chemistry professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and postdoctoral researcher Tae Woo Kim created solar cells from bismuth vanadate using electrodeposition - the same process employed to make gold-plated jewelry or surface-coat car bodies - to boost the compound's surface area to a remarkable 32 square meters for each gram.
Choi created solar cell from a chemical compound, bismuth vanadate using electrodeposition -similar process used in making gold-plated jewelry or surface-coat car bodies.
Color pigments include bismuth vanadate yellows, indanthrone blue, isoindoline yellow, monoazo, dairylide and benzimidazolone yellows and oranges, azo and quinacridone reds and maroons; DPP reds; carbazole violet; phthalo blues and greens.
Phosphorous was determined as phosphate using the vanadate phosphomolybdate UV-Visible Spectrophotometric (Shimadzu Corporation, Tokyo Japan, Model UV-3101PC) method where orthophosphate reacts with vanadate molybdate reagent to form a yellow-orange complex whose absorbance was measured at 420 nm [16].
5)] at 30oC on the basis of a previously described two-step counterstaining method using cobalt chloride and ammonium molybdate/ammonium vanadate solution (Bae et al.
Activation of JNK by vanadate induces a Fas-associated death domain (FADD)-dependent death of cerebellar granule progenitors in vitro.