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Synonyms for vampire

a perversely bad, cruel, or wicked person

Synonyms for vampire

(folklore) a corpse that rises at night to drink the blood of the living


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In "The Vampire Diaries" Season 6, the fans will be saying goodbye to actor Steven R.
Harkup, who lectures on vampires to get people interested in science, said she had one unfulfilled ambition – to become a real vampire hunter She said: "I've never been called in to investigate a vampire case yet.
Remind the current vampire novelists what a real vampire book is all about," said another.
Coming out of the coffin is only the beginning; it soon turns out the bloodsucking creatures own pubs, airlines, a chain of hotels, that they pay taxes, and they even start the American Vampire League that fights for treating them as equals among people.
Today, Gothic courses are embraced, but vampire studies still require some explanation.
8220;As promised to our vampire fans, Zombie Works and I bring to all of you, You Can't Kill Me, I'm Already Dead: A Vampire Anthology,” said L.
The vampires live in the Shade, an outer suburb established for their needs.
This unnatural procreation and multiplication makes the vampire (4) "a political category," because the vampire threatens to turn everybody into one of his kind (11).
Fresh from Dark Shadows, Tim Burton comes on board as producer on this film:"I think there's so many different types of vampire stories and vampire lore and it was interesting to look at different kinds of rules from different countries and different kind of makeup.
Mary Hallab pushes her way into the already crowded shelves of vampire criticism with Vampire God: The Allure of the Undead in Western Culture, an academic examination of the appeal of vampires in Western culture.
THE blood-sucking evil entities that are today called vampires were legendary in many cultures and can even be traced back to ancient times However the term vampire was not popularised until the 18th century when vampiric superstition was widespread in many parts of Eastern Europe.
UKPRwire, Wed Oct 12 2011] It is time for Castalides Pictures to bring the vampire contestants from the virtuality of the net to the reality of the streets with the FLASH MOB which will be held at the entrance of the MCM EXPO Comic Con on 29th October from 14:00 to 15:00.
ClickPress, Tue Jul 26 2011] UK Company Castalides Pictures gives the opportunity to millions of aspiring vampires to play one with the launch of very first cross media global vampire casting campaign: THE VAMPIRE WEDDING CASTING COMPETITION by using Facebook, Twitter YouTube, iPhone and Android APPs to cast them.
Examples include the True Blood TV series, the Twilight novels and films, the Vampire Diaries and the film Let Me In.