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Hemodynamic compromise secondary to valvular stenosis and the resulting decrease in uterine blood flow are probable explanations for the high incidence of impaired intrauterine fetal growth seen in this study.
Since the first introduction of pulmonary balloon valvuloplasty (PBV) by Kanetal in 1982, PBV has become the treatment of choice for pulmonary valvular stenosis in newborns and children.
On February 25, 2013, because of valvular stenosis, the patient underwent a new replacement with an aortic bioprosthesis.
Dysregulation of antioxidant mechanisms contributes to increased oxidative stress in calcific aortic valvular stenosis in humans.
Within this structure, she goes on to explain such aspects as clinical indications and quality assurance, ventricular diastolic filling and function, valvular stenosis, prosthetic valves, endocarditis, diseases of the great arteries, the adult with congenital heart disease, and intra-operative trans-esophageal echochardiography.
The only valve that did not show evidence of SVD was a Hancock valve that had been in place for 2 years (the shortest duration in this series) and was explanted because of severe pannus-causing valvular stenosis.
in cut-off valve areas and gradients for different degrees of aortic valvular stenosis and regurgitation.
Valvular stenosis, a stiffening of the valve leaflets that narrows the valve opening and limits the amount of blood that can flow through it.