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a structure in a hollow organ (like the heart) with a flap to insure one-way flow of fluid through it

device in a brass wind instrument for varying the length of the air column to alter the pitch of a tone

the entire one-piece shell of a snail and certain other molluscs

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one of the paired hinged shells of certain molluscs and of brachiopods

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He is known throughout the medical device industry as an innovator in valve technologies and has been involved with the design and development of virtually every commercially available valved vascular access product, including the industry standard Groshong(R) valved catheters.
The SJM(R) Masters HP(TM) Valved Graft with Gelweave Valsalva(TM) technology, designed to simultaneously repair the damaged portion of the ascending aorta and replace the aortic valve during heart valve replacement surgery.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) making a bioprosthetic valved conduit available to correct congenital defects of the right side of the heart in children.
Products covered in the report include: tissue, mechanical, autograft and allograft valve prostheses; valve repair products; valved conduits and graft valves (including in-depth discussions of both the Ross and Rastelli procedures), balloon valvuloplasty catheters, and emerging percutaneous valve repair and replacement technologies.
NYSE:MDT) today announced that it has acquired the assets for the Contegra(TM) Pulmonary Valved Conduit product line from VenPro Corporation of Irvine, Calif.