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having none of the properties that endow something with value

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Profane time and space is the inverse; it is a vast expanse of unstructured valuelessness, a virtual unreality.
Like Small Ceremonies, though, The Box Garden also highlights the lack of societal value placed on the work of women writers and editors: Charleen notes that the university office where she edits the journal is the only one that does not lock, and "the lack of a lock and key seems to underscore the valuelessness of what I do" (i5).
Preservationists are attempting to tie the perceived valuelessness of these relationship models with a presumed valuelessness of same-sex relationships.
The living individual form, the organic self or individual, embodies an active "no to non-being, to the deadness and valuelessness of inorganic nature.
22) This recognition is critical to Alschuler's main thesis, because it was only after Holmes managed to gut our jurisprudence of natural law that the critical legal studies ("CLS") and economic theorists moved into the newly-created vacuum with their own brands of valuelessness.
As we might expect by now, however, the metaphor of beer-drinking in Green Hills upsets our immediate certainty about the valuelessness of wasted rhetoric: we recall Hemingway telling Kandinsky that beer will "change your ideas.
These playwrights "had somehow to change how theater meant; they had to reinscribe dramatic discourse in some interpretive field or in terms of some foundational value different from the interpretive field and the valuelessness or cultural weightlessness of the powerless theater" (62).
He also wrote of the valuelessness of land in America where there was "no hope of commerce" with the rest of the world.
The old masculinity, the transcendental point of reference that receded further and further into valuelessness as authority developed its present form, is the waste of this process of exchange; it is residue, occasionally surfacing as nostalgia for referentiality, but no longer viable in a modem consciousness or a modem economy of meaning.