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a statement of the desirability of something

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Examples of intrinsic value statements from the PVCT include "provides personal satisfaction," "provides professional challenge," and "indicates professional growth.
The Member Value Statement delivers an important message to members, Fors said, summing it up as: "Here's exactly how much we saved you.
In this workshop, the focus will be on how to write and deliver an effective value statement, how to communicate better, and how to connect with each other.
To derive a rating system that responds to these local priorities, it is important to translate them into a set of value statements.
Studying the local situation in Qatar has led to the formulation of value statements that are at the core of QSAS development," said Dr Ali Malkawi, director of TC Chan Center, University of Pennsylvania.
Even in my local library, a vision, mission and value statement recently appeared, prominently displayed on a sign at the checkout desk.
A value statement often lists the overall priorities of how the organization will operate.
Data Center Markup Language (DCML): From their value statement, "DCML provides the only open, XML-based specification designed to do for the data center what HTML did for content and IP did for networking--achieve interoperability and render proprietary approaches irrelevant by providing a systematic, vendor-neutral way to describe the data center environment and policies governing the management of the environment--a fundamental requirement for utility computing.
FASB, which has concluded in many recent pronouncements that fair value information is the most relevant, wants to develop a Fair Value Statement establishing a framework for measuring fair value and codifying the relevant guidance.
Along with the blessings and candle lightings conducted by its spiritual leader, Rabbi Sandra Katz, one resident is selected each night of Chanukah to read a special Jewish value statement created by the rabbi over the home's public-address system.
Respondents rated each value statement twice using a five-point scale ranging from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree).
Value statement composed at the Nov 1999 Annual LUMS Retreat
The purpose of the collector's kit is to give a better value statement, and make it more a gift-oriented purchase," said Andrew Preston, the company's president.
The tool consists of the following modules which can be used individually, partially, or comprehensively to help sellers become more effective at winning deals: (1) Pre-Call Planning & Preparation; (2) In-Meeting Effectiveness Planning; (3) Post-Meeting Review & Analysis; (4) Developing the Value Statement for Your Offering; (5) Building the Business Case for your proposal, and (6) Sales Coaching and Development Planning for Improvement.
School administrators will select the recipient based on Wegmans' value statement of "making a difference in the community, empowerment, respect, caring and high standards.