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a statement of the desirability of something

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Coinsurance does not get applied at all if there is an agreed value statement on the policy.
Well constructed mission, vision and value statements can serve as a strong marketing tool, by helping them significantly improve their image.
Examples of intrinsic value statements from the PVCT include "provides personal satisfaction," "provides professional challenge," and "indicates professional growth.
The Member Value Statement delivers an important message to members, Fors said, summing it up as: "Here's exactly how much we saved you.
In this workshop, the focus will be on how to write and deliver an effective value statement, how to communicate better, and how to connect with each other.
Of the 18 certification value statements, only one certification value statement on the PVCT ("certification increases salary") did not elicit agreement from a majority of respondents.
The second value statement is important to designers of complex infrastructure systems with multiple voltage rails and stringent quality of service (QOS) requirements.
Each value statement constitutes a major category in the rating system, subsequently populated by the specific criteria with associated measurements that together quantify the category as a whole.
Do as Aharoni urges--don't throw away your assessed value statement.
As a school we believe that every young person has a talent which can be demonstrated, given the right opportunities, and this forms the basis of our core value statement "High achievement for all is our shared responsibility" Nurturing talents which show up in so many different ways in our schools is key to ensuring that young people who come from very diverse backgrounds grow up to be confident about themselves but also about their role in being good citizens and making an effective contribution to wider society.
029 Table 2 Level of Agreement with Value Statements about Nursing Certification All Other Nephrology Nurses Nurses Percent who Percent who Value Statement agree or agree or strongly strongly agree agree Enhances feeling of personal 98.
Even in my local library, a vision, mission and value statement recently appeared, prominently displayed on a sign at the checkout desk.
A value statement often lists the overall priorities of how the organization will operate.
Data Center Markup Language (DCML): From their value statement, "DCML provides the only open, XML-based specification designed to do for the data center what HTML did for content and IP did for networking--achieve interoperability and render proprietary approaches irrelevant by providing a systematic, vendor-neutral way to describe the data center environment and policies governing the management of the environment--a fundamental requirement for utility computing.
In fact, sheer frustration spurred progress, recounted CEO Arthur Mirante, who described adding diversity to the real estate company's value statement only to have nothing happen.