value orientation

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the principles of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or a social group

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Dimension: Social Value Orientation and Context 492
Keywords: worldviews, social work education, cultural competency, value orientations, higher education
These dimensions however cannot be completely universally applicable but they do cover a major percentage of every nations value orientations.
2003), that individual cultural value orientation influences perceptions of the psychological contract through an intermediate construct labeled exchange ideology (Ravlin et al.
Furthermore, we examined whether the Vulgarity Scale was related to social value orientation and whether it was predictive of reported behaviors and attitudes in real-life social dilemmas (predictive validity).
The robust correlations amongst these task value orientation variables and intentions suggest that teachers who enjoy teaching and see it as important, who view it as useful, and who associate low financial and emotional costs with the profession, are likely to remain in it.
He looks at how the DFA fund compared with two iShares ETFs and a Vanguard index fund in each category, then isolates how much did each fund's value orientation, small-cap bias and management alpha contribute to performance.
It adapts the Covin and Slevin (1989) entrepreneurial orientation scale to measure the adoption of entrepreneurship by a social enterprise, and develops a scale that combines a Vincentian based focus to serve the poor with a propensity to take a more entrepreneurial approach toward business as a measure of a social value orientation (SVO).
FPA's equity and fixed income styles are linked by a common fundamental value orientation.
That orientation has resulted in strong sales for private label products, but it has also created opportunities for brands with a value orientation.
In this example the word xiaojie has crystallized its meaning in each time period of Chinese history, signaling the change of Chinese cultural value orientation from respect for hierarchy to belligerent human relationships, to openness to market economy.
SymphonyIRI Group is more than a new name; we are revitalizing our core business, strengthening our emerging businesses and evolving our fundamental value proposition to more accurately reflect our broader, higher value orientation and focus--a transformation that both embraces and extends beyond the traditional market research space.
Community and culture significantly influence value orientation, perceived needs, and motivation as well as provide the ground for creating shared understanding.
The aim of the study is to examine the impact of cultural value orientation of Sri Lankan university employees on CP.
The risk of group cohesion being affected by telework, for example, was much more emphasized by the French than the Dutch managers, revealing a more collectivist value orientation in the French case.