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an assessment that reveals more about the values of the person making the assessment than about the reality of what is assessed

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Bobo value judgments issued during the broadcast of programs on radio that he was invited, have held that his right to free speech, guaranteed by the fundamental law of Spain, do not cover the right to insult or slander, and as such, the sanction was required to be applied.
Teachers must not be afraid to give value judgments.
Ropke encountered the effects of such relativism in the late 1930s, and it subsequently motivated him to write his article on value judgments.
The three strategies used to trigger value judgments differ according to the complexity of the underlying reasoning.
Like Colombatto, Hazlitt and Yeager recognize that policymaking requires value judgments about what is desirable and undesirable.
Similarly, the elements of an individual's thinking when he or she thought about the problem in a dyad was more likely to include value judgments not supported by evidence (Mean = 12.
Both the diagnosis of a disorder and the decision about how to treat a disorder (when one is diagnosed) incorporate value judgments at several junctures.
Similarly, the behaviouralists in their self-conceit have attempted to eschew or abstain from 'ought' questions and try to jettison value judgments, since they are much concerned with the 'is' or empirical questions.
Where annotations are used, they are in most cases descriptive blurbs provided by publishers (or in some cases, by authors) with value judgments edited out.
What is important, and nearly always neglected in the area of electromagnetic fields (EMF), is to clearly state where value judgments and arbitrary decisions entered the argument and the derivation of guidelines.
Veatch lays his foundation on the awareness that (medical) decision-making is full of value judgments.
But she gets her revenge here in a gleefully ironic song that skewers a Madness-style piano lick to a critique of modern females and the value judgments they face.
Automation combined with human value judgments can be more responsive and dynamic in meeting the needs of higher education and further education," says Intute executive director Caroline Williams.
Unfortunately, the reviews from the largest paper in the area are usually plot recitations and basic value judgments that give little thought to the cultural or social impact or importance of a production.
5) How can the realist reconcile his claim that value judgments are beliefs with the principle that value judgments motivate action and with Hume's principle that beliefs do not motivate action?