value judgment

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an assessment that reveals more about the values of the person making the assessment than about the reality of what is assessed

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An intelligent official is capable of responding promptly to any infringement of the laws and making a prompt value judgment of the players' actions.
Ultimately, either a pure consumption tax or a pure income tax rests on value judgments that we make as a society.
Ropke, Wilhelm, "A Value Judgment on Value Judgments.
12) Evidently, there is no getting away from the fact that a scientific methodology condemning value judgments, contains itself a value judgment while intolerantly forbidding all others as unscientific.
The question is, "Can the state enhance economic efficiency--or, what is the same, increase society's income--without a value judgment that favors some and harms others?
Rather, he adopts Lukacs's tendency to apply the concept of "reification" as a value judgment against whatever in his own view is not "realistic" (philosophically or aesthetically), and compounds the problem by using the concept so indiscriminately that it loses all purchase.
An obese friend said my comment about Rush Limbaugh is a value judgment and contains no objective truth.
Deciding that a vegetative life is not worth preserving is a value judgment, not a scientific fact.
Neither does there seem to be any value judgment attached to this courage-that-isn't; like creativity, one either has it or one doesn't.
According to Thurow, economic forecasts and projections vary depending on the assumptions behind them, all of which are very much based on the political perspectives of the economists: "There is an ethical value judgment as to whose income ought to go up or down.
That's because Challenge/Response doesn't inspect the contents of a message to make a value judgment, it just stops mail from unrecognized senders altogether, then authenticates the senders.
The element of value judgment predominates in the evaluation of the event sought to be celebrated.
Rooted just as firmly is the conviction that musical analysis is objective and free of any value judgment.
It's really just a difference in directing, I don't think there's any value judgment involved,'' the British writer explains.
Applied to behavior, especially sexual behavior, the disease label combines a description with a covert value judgment.