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an assessment that reveals more about the values of the person making the assessment than about the reality of what is assessed

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That means it mustn't make any value judgement over whether what the business does is good or bad; it should simply state the facts and let
It is impossible to establish the truth of the value judgements underlying these norms of justice on the basis of empirical facts.
Futility judgements can slide into 'generalisation of expertise', with physicians illegitimately claiming authority over value judgements that patients should be allowed to make themselves.
Learn how to assess condition and make important value judgements with this essential collector's guide.
of Wisconsin at Madison) examines common sources of miscommunication in daily life; interpretive dimensions of individual and collective performance; the implicit value judgements used to define factual matters; interactive factors associated with the stability and consistency of personal identity; tests of reason and rationality as valued cultural assets; the features of constructive dialogue; and "damaged human relations in view of discordant respondent claims of hurt and harm in relation to tactical matters of repair, renewal, and restoration.
Mr Gazeley avoids value judgements and confines himself to 'the material condition of poor working-class families'.
Individuals need the freedom to act on their own value judgements, even if those judgements are disagreeable to others.