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one who estimates officially the worth or value or quality of things


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AlgoValue's Enterprise Valuator perfectly complements the company's other products: the Term Sheet Analyzer[sup.
The valuator acknowledged within the report that accounting firms are quite often sold on an "earn-out" basis.
As a Business Valuator Accredited in Litigation I have the skills to assist in the development of successful Financial Strategies and Negotiation.
2) To obtain the CVA and AVA certification from NACVA, the valuator must complete, at minimum, a five-day course, a four-hour exam, and provide a case study for their exam.
and valued based on each valuators current price book.
In short, the business valuator is estimating that to get a 40 percent return on an investment in Cirr Grocery, one would need to pay $1,168,890.
Valuation requires analysis of practice finances and subjective judgments on the part of the valuator, so the greater the amount of information you provide in the planning process, the more accurate and less costly the assessment will be.
Prior to adopting PASS as its home valuator, the taxpayer was often burdened with having to seek out an independent appraisal.
Comparing the company in relation to its peers allows the valuator to determine whether it is more or less risky.
Determining past and current revenue performance shouldn't be a difficult task for the valuator.
At its September 1992 meeting, the AICPA Board of Directors cleared the way for the Institute's second accredited specialty, the Accredited Business Valuator.
At the same time, the bank delivers a notice to the borrower notifying him/her to appoint an independent valuator within ten days to determine the market value of the property in question.
com, or via the app, which will be sent to an expert valuator for examination.
A strict reading of this section of the ruling might indicate that a valuator must pick one specific method and stick to it.
The valuator, maintaining neutrality, guides the parties toward the ultimate goal.