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one who estimates officially the worth or value or quality of things


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PIA will look to revalue the 30 properties in its ownership, as it posted on its official website and will prefer a valuator approved by the State Bank Of Pakistan (SBP).
According to property valuator Antonis Loizou, for the past couple of years "Brits have had a small share of the market, a maximum of 20 per cent of foreign demand in terms of value."
It is utmost important that the party intending to conduct valuation provide the real Purpose of Valuation as only then the Valuator would be able to determine the correct Valuation Approach.
The Privatization Commission (PC) has not even started the process for hiring a Financial Advisor / Valuator for the privatization of Roosevelt Hotel, which is the first step under the law for initiation of any transaction by PC, said a press release issued here on Tuesday.
Among these are the activities of an Investment Advisor and Asset Valuator, (as defined under Article 1-27 and Article 1-39).
"And there is no one better than Joe in whom to trust our future as we drive our shopper marketing capa- bilities, expand our digital ca- pabilities through our VMLoffering, and recommit to leveraging our proprietary BrandAsset Valuator, the world's largest global data- base of consumer perceptions of brands."
It will not only make the consumer to rationalise their electricity usage levels but also can become a good property valuator" said Petra Schwager (Environmental Management Branch Representative, UNIDO Vienna, Austria) on 25 July in Colombo.
The Welsh Government is believed to be edging closer to a deal with current owners TBI after the airport was assessed by an independent valuator last week.
A conclusion of value is expressed when a valuator is engaged to perform a valuation engagement (i.e., business valuation); this requires that valuators consider all valuation approaches and methods and use their judgment to determine which are most appropriate, considering the facts and circumstances of the engagement.
On the world's biggest database of brand health: S ran d Asset Valuator, They will begin with Kenya.
A strict reading of this section of the ruling might indicate that a valuator must pick one specific method and stick to it.
The Investment Property Valuator (IPV) app calculates cash flow in either three-, five-, or 10-year investment periods.
Business valuation is heavily dependent on accounting concepts, so at a bare minimum, a business valuator should have an accounting or finance degree.
RBC Capital Markets, the company's independent valuator, said the consideration under the proposal is fair from a financial point of view to the shareholders of Gerdau Ameristeel, other than Gerdau SA and its related parties.