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Synonyms for valuation

Synonyms for valuation

the act or result of judging the worth or value of something or someone

a measure of those qualities that determine merit, desirability, usefulness, or importance

Synonyms for valuation

assessed price

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Pratt upon acceptance of the Business Valuation Gold Seal of Trust Award states, "It's an honor for my company to receive this recognition.
com)-- First Valuation, an industry leading property valuation services provider, announced today that Bill Carey has joined the company to further develop their innovative valuation technology platform.
The Pension Protection Act of 2006 requires members who perform certain tax-related valuations to comply with "generally accepted appraisal standards.
This highly complex appraisal problem requires the services of impartial appraisers, with professional accreditations, such as the MAI and SRA designations, and experience in facade preservation easement valuations.
The appellate court concluded that minor flaws in a taxpayer's valuation were insufficient to reject the valuation completely.
In the tale above, the outcome might have been different if, when valuing the business the unique aspects of valuation of family businesses were considered.
Many FLPs of the last decade were thinly veiled estate tax evasion efforts, claiming unwarranted discount valuations of as much as 90 percent.
The new site also carries: the BIZCOMPS ($395) database of transactional information on "Main Street" businesses for the last ten years; FMV Restricted Stock Study ($499), a new tool for quantifying marketability discounts; and, Valuation Advisor's Lack of Marketability Discount Study ($399), a new empirical tool for determining the marketability discount in business valuations.
com), an online compilation of business valuation court cases, conference presentations, articles, and federal and state laws and regulations relating to business valuations.
Companies that make acquisitions of targets with valuable intangibles can be placed at risk if the company hires experts whose focus has narrowed to the point where they fail to realize that financial accounting valuations have tax effects and vice versa.
Alerding also lectures frequently on the subject of valuations of closely held businesses.
Today's stock valuations are very low, and the possibility of further significant market contraction appears remote.
These different standards of value are appropriate for various purposes, but business valuations use FMV as the most common premise.
The Radar Screen also permits "what if" valuations to model the impact of strategic plans and specific performance metrics on value.
Fair value was created to facilitate valuations performed under specific instructions promulgated by a legislative body or other overriding source, often in the context of litigation.