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Synonyms for valuation

Synonyms for valuation

the act or result of judging the worth or value of something or someone

a measure of those qualities that determine merit, desirability, usefulness, or importance

Synonyms for valuation

assessed price

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He said that steps to implement suggestions of importers for the valuations of various items will be very productive.
Recent assignments for my office: Business Valuation: Plastic Pipe Mfr.
* CPAs perform valuation services for numerous purposes, including transactions, financings, taxation planning and compliance, intergenerational wealth transfer, ownership transition, financial accounting, bankruptcy, management information, and planning and litigation support.
The representation will be based on input from the internal auditors in each component, who will have conducted a review to assess the work that was completed and the documentation that was compiled to support the military equipment valuations.
This highly complex appraisal problem requires the services of impartial appraisers, with professional accreditations, such as the MAI and SRA designations, and experience in facade preservation easement valuations.
Among the major issues that biotech is grappling with today, and where CPAs provide the most value, are structuring of private and public offerings, merger and acquisition advisory work, valuation activities and tax issues.
"Those burdens imposed by the FLP--the fact that the partnership interest is not as marketable as its underlying asset--account for the valuation discount.
However, verification of valuations that are not based on observable market prices is very challenging.
The site carries a wide variety of subscription services, including (with annual subscription prices): Shannon Pratt's Business Valuation Update ($229) monthly newsletter; BVLaw ($225), a database of court cases, statutes, IRS materials, and briefs and valuation reports; BVPapers ($225), a database of restricted stock and pre-IPO study papers; Economic Outlook Update ($225), a quarterly report on indicators, consumer prices, inflation and interest rates, unemployment figures and related data; Pratt's Stats ($495), a database of company sale data on private business sale transactions for deals under $100 million; and, Pratt's Stats Public Company ($495), a similar financial information database covering public company transactions.
Business valuations are used for a variety of purposes.
To determine how this market disarray has affected insurance company valuations, Ernst &Young examined the market performance of 69 U.S.-based, publicly traded companies engaged in underwriting life, health, annuity and property/casualty businesses, over a five-year period ending in early 2002.
If the corporate tax department later produces a contemporaneous documentation report designed to avoid penalties under section 6662(e) that is at variance with the financial valuations, either the SEC, the IRS, or both could find these dueling reports a fertile ground for unpleasant discussions with the company.
in Seattle, a firm specializing in business valuations and litigation support.
"The IRS contract is evidence of this and more importantly, we now have a large government body outwardly validating automated home valuations, which will go a long way towards influencing overall industry adoption of AVMs."
However, the revenue rulings are not standards, and many professionals feel that the IRS's low expectations for business valuations ignore the protocols of the valuation profession.