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Synonyms for valuation

Synonyms for valuation

the act or result of judging the worth or value of something or someone

a measure of those qualities that determine merit, desirability, usefulness, or importance

Synonyms for valuation

assessed price

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Or, if there is no highest level but instead an infinite hierarchy, projects are those valuational commitments that, at every succeeding level, are positively valued.
That is the basis on which they argue for a differential valuational of the people that do the work; they are doing useful work, they should have dignity.
Officials straddle multiple valuational worlds: serving a subset of the
That Emerson could harbor such opposing values testifies, once again, to the deeply rooted intellectual, psychological, and valuational polarities that pervade his complex and enigmatic nature.
Mario Bunge has identified seven desiderata that should be considered before a judgment is deemed rational: (1) conceptual clarity; (2) logical consistency; (3) ontological realism; (4) epistemological reflection; (5) methodological rigor; (6) practicality; and (7) valuational selection.
Science is value-neutral; religion is essentially valuational.
Gandhian development: An exploration of the conceptual, structural, and valuational linkages.
As Dwight Waldo pointed out many years ago, our day-to-day thinking, talking, and writing--whether in universities or in the agencies of government--has important theoretical and valuational underpinnings and consequences.
For pluralism as for any serious position, the difference between (say) saving innocent lives and shedding innocent blood is part of the objective structure of the valuational universe.
19] It is important to note that such a reduction of existential relations renders both logical and valuational relations ontologically inadmissible.
Shapiro asserted that "all biography has an ethical or valuational component, for there is no neutral way to script a life.
Understandably, in the last decade or more, a corps of scholars has underlined the poem's valuational and thematic mobility.
This view agrees with classical emotivism that in making value-judgments "there is nothing more fundamental than actually possible human sentiments,"(10) but it is not stuck at the emotivists' position where the occurrence of an emotional response is sufficient for ascribing a valuational predicate, for example, "fear worthy.
A present interest in property qualifies for the exclusion only to the extent that it is Susceptible to valuational.
The volume shows that narratives can tap the subjective, emotional and valuational insights that scientific literature tends to omit.