valuation account

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a reserve fund created by a charge against profits in order to provide for changes in the value of a company's assets

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Next, the students addressed issues related to (1) uncertainties whether deferred tax assets will be realized and whether valuation accounts may be needed and (2) uncertainties whether tax positions will be sustained upon audit, which may require the accrual of additional tax liabilities.
Accordingly, FASB should consider amending the definition of an asset to more clearly exclude items that do not represent separate economic resources, which would also result in the exclusion of master valuation accounts such as goodwill.
To illustrate the estimation of income tax liabilities, consider a combined (federal and state) marginal income tax rate of 35% on ordinary income and 23% on net long-term capital gains and a portfolio that generated $10,000 of ordinary income in 2002, $15,000 of realized net long-term capital gains, and that has a $60,000 balance in the cost-to-market valuation account at December 31, 2002.
The non-GAAP financial measures included in this press release exclude the benefit from the reversal of an energy derivative valuation account and charges associated with the Company's gross margin initiatives.
The task force further noted the deferred profit in the transaction illustrated in exhibit 1 wouldn't be considered a valuation account under Statement no.
Accounting rules have required that we maintain the energy derivative valuation account on our books until now," said Brad Holiday, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.
43 million reversal of deferred tax asset valuation account, or adjusted earnings of $0.
Earnings for the trailing fourth quarter of 1995, after factoring out a one-time positive adjustment to earnings reflecting a $1,115,000 valuation account adjustment, were $1,636,000 or $0.
In reality, the bank's total shareholders' equity position has recently been enhanced by the trend toward lower market interest rates, which has increased the value of the available for sale (AFS) investment securities and reduced the required equity valuation account.
The binomial approach to option valuation accounts for the likelihood that changes in a stock's price will influence the timing of when employees would exercise options by factoring an array of possibilities.
Are there other specific loss accrual or valuation accounts that should be added to the list of accounts identified within proposed Item 302(c)?
In Item 302 (c), the SEC proposes to list commonly reported loss accrual and/or valuation accounts that the Commission would expect a registrant to present within that Item.
Among other requirements exceeding those under GAAP, regulation S-X requires supplemental financial statement schedules that provide details on investments, valuation accounts, short-term borrowings, property and depreciation schedules.
At those firms she guided clients in moving and setting up daily valuation accounts with more than $3 billion in retirement assets.