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Synonyms for valuation

Synonyms for valuation

the act or result of judging the worth or value of something or someone

a measure of those qualities that determine merit, desirability, usefulness, or importance

Synonyms for valuation

assessed price

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8220;Bill is the kind of dynamic professional that will allow First Valuation to become a market leader in valuation technology,” said First Valuation CEO Walt Coats.
The statement allows for two types of engagements: the valuation engagement and the calculation engagement.
This second exposure draft aims to solicit comments on the proposed statement from key stakeholders and other respected parties in the CPA and business communities affected by valuation issues.
As part of the acquisition, 18 Avail professionals, including one principal and two directors, will join Deloitte FAS, strengthening the organization's valuation services offering in the Mid-America region.
The Third Circuit's discussion applies more broadly, to the valuation of intangible assets in general and the taxpayer's burden of proving valuation.
Business valuation encompasses both science and art.
Reasonable in theory, valuation discounts sparked IRS scrutiny--and for good reason.
Transaction-Based Valuation Approach: Towards a Permanent Solution
When a company hires valuation experts for financial reporting purposes, there may be a bias to find a higher value in goodwill than in other tangible or intangible assets, since this will maximize reported future earnings.
The valuation assignment that arises from this action requires that the CPA possess expertise beyond the more typical fair market value assignment.
For example, a comprehensive valuation often involves a determination of the utility of each tangible and intangible asset in the production of future income.
In the book Equity Asset Valuation, experts John Stowe, Thomas Robinson, Jerald Pinto, and Dennis McLeavey fully detail the contemporary techniques used to determine the intrinsic value of an equity security, and show readers how to successfully apply these techniques in both foreign and domestic markets.
Follow these 10 recommendations to integrate Statement on Standards for Valuation Services no.
The value of the facade preservation easement donation is usually determined by applying the "before and after" valuation approach.
The comment period on proposed Business Valuation Standards has been extended to Sept.