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  • verb

Synonyms for valuate

to make a judgment as to the worth or value of

Synonyms for valuate

evaluate or estimate the nature, quality, ability, extent, or significance of

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Valuate increase and estimate its value for economic benefits (direct employment benefits per year, for continuous duration).
A free one-minute self-test to help community banks valuate the performance of their website hosting vendors been developed by the BankSITE Services Division of The Forms Group, Scottsdale, Ariz.
A key goal of the draft guidelines is to expand on the economic methods used to valuate the health benefits of proposed rules.
One important aspect of this book is that, throughout, it encourages the reader to think by posing many questions about how people use language and how they e valuate situations.
For more than two decades, the Forest Service has resisted changing a system in which timber purchasers--that is, the lumber mills--pay the salaries of the sam scaling crews who valuate the logs the purchasers are buying.
SOS Contents Claims Experts Inventory, Valuate, and Replace More Than 30,000 Items Valued at Nearly $2 Million
Next, came the unveiling of a patented online estimating tool for clients to valuate their existing exhibit properties.
The Gazprom commission will visit Kyrgyzstan to valuate the assets of the Kyrgyz gas company, Kyrgyz gas company deputy director Eugen Orlenko said on May 22.
Among the chapter topics are the stories of some art works stolen and concealed during WWII, the deals and careers of well-known dealers, the lives and possessions of collectors, the methods used to valuate and sell art, and the inside story of Sotheby's.