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  • verb

Synonyms for valuate

to make a judgment as to the worth or value of

Synonyms for valuate

evaluate or estimate the nature, quality, ability, extent, or significance of

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SOS Contents Claims Experts Inventory, Valuate, and Replace More Than 30,000 Items Valued at Nearly $2 Million
In that regard, Schachter noted that employee stock-ownership plans or employer securities investment plans have been on Labors radar and said that employers should consider documenting all meetings in order to show the process the administrators went through to monitor and valuate and choose investment and investment providers, stressing the fiduciarys legal responsibility to act prudently.
The Gazprom commission will visit Kyrgyzstan to valuate the assets of the Kyrgyz gas company, Kyrgyz gas company deputy director Eugen Orlenko said on May 22.
Among the chapter topics are the stories of some art works stolen and concealed during WWII, the deals and careers of well-known dealers, the lives and possessions of collectors, the methods used to valuate and sell art, and the inside story of Sotheby's.
If you play fantasy sports, wish to valuate the quality of your GM, track whether your favorite team is rebuilding or making a chase for the playoffs, then player transactions are paramount.
The Financial advisors will valuate these entities and suggest the best possible option for taking the transaction forward for their value addition, including corporatisation, revamping, revitalization, management outsourcing through Public private Partnership (PPP), divestment of shares through domestic and international Capital markets.
The company said that the timing of Kindred's bid sought to exploit a temporary drop in its share price, while also attempting to valuate the business before its financials could fully factor in the benefits of recent and material strategic projects and investments.
The government also plans to take inventory of all assets of the state to valuate them and to make register of state property with the purpose to improve management of these assets, Temir Sariev added.
SAS Asset and Liability Management for Banking - Valuate traditional balance-sheet instruments, such as loans and deposits, and associated (off-balance-sheet) hedges, factoring in embedded options, such as prepayment and withdrawal, as well as credit risk, liquidity risk, etc.