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Synonyms for valuable

Synonyms for valuable

Synonyms for valuable

something of value

having great material or monetary value especially for use or exchange

having worth or merit or value


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MOTORISTS are being reminded not to leave valuables in their cars.
The operation, codenamed Affliction, was launched last month to put the brakes on the theft of valuables, such as sat navs, from cars.
The upgraded website provides useful information on a wide array of subjects, such as existing incentive programs, current contracting opportunities, project updates and upcoming public meetings, and our hope is that it serves as a valuable tool for businesses in and out of New York City as well as anyone interested in economic development.
The sales experience, learning to market myself, working with people, the product knowledge and agronomic experience I gained--it has all been so valuable to me in my subsequent positions.
If they know it's valuable, why wouldn't they know how valuable it really is?
Ninetyfour percent indicated that hands-on experience was, at the least, "valuable," if not more than valuable.
We believe that rigorous financial analysis of the risk return, which we found to be very valuable in the reinsurance transaction, is also very valuable down in the insurance transaction," Riker said.
In the case of artworks, there are very valuable objects that are few in number, and in all or most cases there is a possibility to come to an agreement on a certain form of compensation (ideally--on a return).
So smart companies are investing in ways to identify and better serve their most valuable customers.
An extremely valuable feature is the inclusion of complete parts for several of the works, notably Ravel's Daphnis et Chloe, Brahms's Haydn Variations (Nos.
Twelve topics were ranked valuable by nearly 50% of the population.
In addition to a valuable educational program, a PIMA golf outing is planned for the Conference.
What happens when an industry's by-product turns out to be as valuable as its primary products?
But our recent experience with the InstaTrak and the Stealth Station has convinced us that both systems are exceedingly valuable in detecting potentially risky anatomic sites and in helping prevent orbital and intracranial complications during surgery.