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with valor


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Part of the 7th Division, the Warwicks valorously rushed from their trenches at half-past six in the morning.
Calling The Memory Chalet a worthy memorial to a life valorously borne fails to hint at even half its significance.
Ay owe Got a death, and I'll pay't as valorously as I may, that sall I suirely do, that is the brief and the long.
She refused valorously when asked by the then Government to give an undertaking in writing that she would leave the party in lieu of permission to perform the death rites of her mother Lakshmi ammmal.
I cannot imagine being in the chaos of a fire fight--the unintelligible shouting; the smell of dust, explosives and blood; the sound of bullets missing you, not quite as quickly as the movies would have you believe, though I think the swearing is accurate--I cannot imagine one thinks, "I am acting valorously.
Sometimes air commandos fight valorously on the ground and ensure under extreme conditions the final guidance of precision bombs while other aviators arm themselves in the air terminals within the framework of Vigipirate [France's national security alert plan] missions.
Fare infinitely well, You who have valorously dared This last, unshared Unending and all-perfect quest; You who at length can tell The things God has prepared Are best, Are best.
This ruthless pretender has not only kept the whole world in a blaze of wonder and excitement, but has involved the loss of many a true and brave Briton, who has valorously maintained his country's honour, but he has also lost his aspirations, deceived many thousands of his own countrymen and led them on to death or to a life of misery, their homes despoiled and gone, their hopes shattered and annihilated.