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Synonyms for valorous

Synonyms for valorous

having or showing valor


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I tell thee,'' answered De Bracy, ``that it will be the work of a few hours, and I shall be at York at the head of my daring and valorous fellows, as ready to support any bold design as thy policy can be to form one.
Lion or no lion," quoth the valorous Cook, "come thou straight forth, else thou art a coward heart as well as a knavish thief.
A 2013 Sun-Sentinel article about him quoted a speech in which he referenced "Eishet Chayil," the Jewish poem about a valorous woman excerpted from Proverbs and traditionally sung on Friday night, as well as Ecclesiastes.
It was May 2013 when a capital chance was provided to the Pakistani nation to select an egalitarian, honest, intelligent and valorous leader, but they lost their chance by casting their vote blindly.
Villegas has inspired Catholic and non-Catholic human rights advocates with his valorous championship of the sacredness of life in the face of threats and vilification through the last year and a half.
In fact, every single one of these so called valorous maharajas, who today are after a Mumbai filmmaker because their honour is at stake, they were less concerned about their honour when the British were trampling all over it.
After his oral history recording session, Kettles interviewer successfully lobbied Congress to award him the Medal of Honor in 2016, approximately 50 years after his valorous actions in Vietnam.
When read against Alessandro Piccolomini's satire of morality related to women's beauty, La Raffaella (1539), and Ortensio Landi's Letters of Many Valorous Women (1548), one sees how women's knowledge of alchemical, cosmetic, and medical recipes was embedded in daily life.
A contemporary account said: "The first incident described in the official records unquestionably ranks as one of the most valorous deeds, even in this war of unexampled bravery.
West's claim, repeated and prominently featured in multiple media reports, along with similar statements by other radical participants, conferred a new valorous glow on the masked hoodlums.
He should be confident that the valorous and courageous people of Iran will not leave the servants of the country alone, in times of difficulty or while confronting the aggression and greed of arrogance.
Hatim's poems were the first to mention valorous men who displayed impeccable chivalry, a trait that was then carried over into Western sonnets and ballads about brave knights riding off to save damsels in distress from dragons, ogres, and other such mythical beasts.
The politicization of the Army's anti-terror operation got worse with BJP leaders' tongue-in-cheek comment that the Army sprung into action only after the saffron party came to power, thereby showing in poor light the valorous and heroic performances of the Army in several operations.
Joel-Brock the Brave and the Valorous Smalls tells the tale of an exciting adventure set in Georgia.