valley oak

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tall graceful deciduous California oak having leathery leaves and slender pointed acorns

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As we stroll near the Cosumnes River, Sweet says we've entered valley oak riparian habitat, once widespread through California, now reduced to scattered patches.
The valley oak, on Los Angeles Avenue near the Yosemite Veterinary Clinic, is a safety hazard whose limbs have fallen over the years, damaging the clinic.
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Exceeding diameters of 10 feet are the co-champion live oak in Waycross, Georgia; the biggest northern red oak in Monroe County, New York; the champion valley oak near Covelo, California; and the former white oak champion of Wye Mills, Maryland.
Photo: Luxuriant canopy of valley oak limbs festooned with grapevines graces Cosumnes Preserve.
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Today, all the natural valley-oak woodlands, fewer than 30 stands, would barely cover one-third of the 30,000-acre Diamond H Ranch on which the national champion valley oak stands.
But another species passed on the way to the park is fully as admirable: the valley oak, Quercus lobata.
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