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(anatomy) any furrow or channel on a bodily structure or part

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4 blades were used with both head positions, but at no time could either the epiglottis or the vallecula be identified.
Clinically, almost all of the internally opening branchial cysts are derived from the second branchial cleft, and their ducts enter the lower portion of the lateral wall of the tonsillar fossa or the adjacent vallecula.
A Coblation wand was used to completely ablate the lingual tonsil tissue from the vallecula and to achieve hemostasis (figure 3).
A modified barium-swallow examination revealed a large, lucent mass extending over the midline and involving the right vallecula and epiglottis, although there was still adequate passage of the bolus around the mass (figure 3).
1,2) Common sites of impaction are the lower tonsillar pole, base of the tongue, vallecula, and cervical esophagus.
They are most commonly located in the vallecula and are smaller than 1 cm.
Coins, fish bones, and toy parts can become impacted in the palatine tonsils, base of the tongue, pyriform fossa, vallecula, or at the classic points of narrowing in the esophagus.
Examination revealed a substantial left tonsillar enlargement that extended to the vallecula.
The tonsils, left side of the tongue base, vallecula, and endolarynx were normal.
Physical examination revealed that alarge mass had arisen from the right side of the base of the tongue; the mass crossed the midline and extended to the vallecula.
On examination with a Jackson laryngoscope, there were no mucosal abnormalities, but a generalized fullness of the left piriform sinus and vallecula was observed, as well as some fullness of the lingual tonsils and faucial pillars.
The removal of lesions of the tongue and vallecula can be achieved via different surgical approaches, including transpharyngeal, transmandibular, and transoral routes.
Which of the following statements regarding the surgical approaches used in removing lesions of the tongue and vallecula is true, according to Leu and Ho in this issue's Special Topics Clinic?