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Synonyms for validity

Synonyms for validity

the quality of being authentic

Synonyms for validity

the quality of being valid and rigorous

the quality of having legal force or effectiveness


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the property of being strong and healthy in constitution

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Following corrections for sampling error, measurement error, and range restriction, Hunter reported a range of validities from .
For example, in Hunter and Hunter's (Hunter, 1986; Hunter & Hunter, 1984) examination of the validity of the GATB in the US Department of Employment, corrected validities were estimated across broad categories of jobs defined by their level of complexity.
These allow the estimation of the percentage of variance in observed validities which can be attributed to artifactual errors, and the operational validity one can expect, once artifactual error sources are removed.
We are also in broad agreement with his conclusion that the validities (which were correct in the published article) look more generalizable than our published estimates of sampling error suggested.
220 provides individual validities corrected for the impact of controlled moderator variables.
Table 6 presents observed validities and net validities corrected for methodological features as a function of the criterion studied, the sample analysed and the gender of participants.
Second, the number of validities is small and when the variance of population correlations is zero, the [Mathematical Expression Omitted] ratio can have a value greater than 1, which is caused by second-order sampling error (see Hunter & Schmidt, 1990).
Thus, the findings of this study correspond to the expectations of validity generalization, because the variation of validities is similar in both constant and variable settings, and the variance is explained completely by artifactual errors.
As noted in the method section of this article, for each study, within each criterion area, a single average of the validities provided by each scale was computed before proceeding with the meta-analysis.
In Table 5, the mean validities were derived by cumulating the within-study semipartial correlation coefficients.