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At best, such studies are validating the difficulty of treatment.
It includes dedicated components for validating every step of the implementation, from the data and application level through the presentation layer.
Added Robert McCullen, chief executive officer, AmbironTrustWave: "Our goal is to help retailers conduct business safely and efficiently in a networked world by validating compliance with industry best practices for safeguarding customer data.
Agilent's solutions provide the industry's most comprehensive portfolio for validating real-world performance, stress resilience and scalability of next-generation network security and triple-play infrastructure equipment.
Enables lenders the flexibility of validating a license through direct xml request or manual look up through the web interface
1 include additional security token support, new configuration options and a test harness for validating configurations.
The process of validating computer systems is a task which requires an in-depth knowledge of industry regulations and requirements.
Like most enterprise IT departments, it had to spend significant time and resources managing application deployment and support, and validating changes to the dozens of applications that impact product-related data.