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Synonyms for validate



Synonyms for validate

Synonyms for validate

give evidence for

make valid or confirm the validity of

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For example, the software will evaluate a plan to add a switch or alter LUN masking, apply simulation to determine the impact of that change, identify steps required in the proper sequence to avoid problems, and validate that the change was made correctly.
The subscriber (probably a buyer) uses the private key to sign transactions, and a relying party (probably a seller) uses the certificate authority's directory of public keys and certificates to validate that the subscriber is a valid key holder and signer within the rules of this particular PKI.
Service Providers, Network and Telephony System Vendors, Semiconductor Manufacturers, Governments, and Enterprises use Ixia's test systems to validate the functionality and reliability of complex IP networks, devices, and applications.
amp; COLUMBUS, Ohio -- CDEX ValiMed System Chosen by Mount Carmel West to Verify Compounded Medications and Doses, Validate Narcotic Returns, and Screen for Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals
Cadence is the first EDA vendor to validate support of this technique for standard cell logic, which provides a proven path for offset bias rail routing and tap insertion methodologies.
MapInfo Corporation (NASDAQ: MAPS), a leading global provider of location intelligence solutions, today announced that Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is utilizing MapInfo location intelligence solutions to profile customers and validate business opportunities.
This laboratory study specifically validates our breathing system filters against prions from entering the breathing circuit.
Attaining positive data in both cellular and animal models with members of our GX01 family of compounds further validates our Bcl-2 program," said Pierre Beauparlant, Executive Director of Biology and Scientific Development at Gemin X, and one of the lead researchers on the studies presented at the conference.